Pregeeked Chat for #DoctorWho Season 8: Saturday 7:50 ET

Everything you need to know about #DoctorWho for Season 8

The 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi) debuts in the Doctor Who Season 8 kick off on Saturday (23 August) at 7:50 ET on BBC America.

Who cares, right?

We care.
Just in time for the long-awaited episode, Deep Breath, Yomar Lopez and I chat about Doctor Who on Episode Zero of Timey-Wimely Tea Time.

Five Doctors at High Tea Crop

What is Doctor Who?

Doctor, who?

Yogizilla and I make a fun, sincere and thoughtful romp through the history, hype and awesome of the 50 year old sci-fi tv series.Check it out. If you want us to do more Timey-Wimey Tea Time, be generous with the likes and comments on YouTube.

Part 1

Part 2 
Stan Faryna
21 August 2014
Fairfax, Virginia



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