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#BlogSoup 29.08.14 @adamcroft83 @BetsyKCross @dancristo @RankMagic @KDillabough @TheRealS0s @RealCapaldi 

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Blog Soup

If you don’t know about the epics of blog soup, a deliciously OP (Over Powered) explanation follows.

The comments below represent comments that I posted and those that failed to post to the websites, blogs, videos and streams that I visited. On occasion, they may represent Tweets, Replies, or Comments made on Facebook and other Social Media networks. Not everyone will appreciate the comments made to their post (I rarely suck up, brown nose or gush), but hopefully they’ll forgive me any offense (real or imagined) and they should love the rank-link juice to blog and Twitter. This is not a noob’s blog and some have even said that my seo game is fierce as it is sweet.

For better or worse, curation, conversation, intelligence, humanity, curiosity, intense value and cunning are at the heart of social. If you can’t bring three out of seven, social is going to be a casual experience for you. Blog Soup is a exercise in both social savvy and social media DOH. You can learn from it. You are free to imitate the format and steal the title for your own purposes and ambitions. Hat tips to me would be appreciated but they are not necessary. The words in my blog soup are copyright by me. Just email me if you want to use my blog soup on your own blog.
Feel free to recommend a post or other kind of share to me. For inclusion in my blog soup. Do not recommend your own stuff unless you are doing awesome, epic or legendary things that will amaze me. Or if no one knows who you are AND you have important things to share with the world. Because I do have a heart. My email is stan.faryna@gmail.com.
Stan Faryna
Luna Moth 3 Faryna May 2014

Got Arts?

A blog post about how to get art for your book.

Author Adam Croft writes about Authors’ need for artwork. Self-publishing authors – even more so. Beyond cover art, there is need for art work to illustrate your social media messages and online marketing campaigns for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and beyond.

My comment

The game has certainly changed and there is need for good artwork. Not just for covers, but also for social media and online marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, good artwork is rarely cheap or easy to get.As some of you know, I’ve been working on the cover art for my WIP and future marketing campaigns.Below is the 10th revision of one of four design theme drafts. And there is many more drafts ahead.
Love and Fear Book Cover 2.11
The work goes beyond the capacity of a young design professional.
Below is a sketch of George, one of the characters from the story that would be used in my online campaigns. It remains to be colorized.



The young design professional is not likely to be of much help for you. Sure, they can come up with a little something something. Likewise, the affordable foreign designer with some experience is going to have problems if they can’t read, feel and understand your book.Will the artwork sell the book?You can pay five to twenty bucks on fiverr for a book cover design. And you can try out 20 gigs on fiverr ( that can be a horribly expensive lost cause), but are you prepared to provide the commercial marketing and design direction to that so-called  “design professional”?You need someone with experience and someone whose designs have been successful. That’s going to cost $1,000 just for a cover – if you are lucky. A successful publisher will pay several thousand for a decent cover and not just because they like spending money. And, yeah, the professional book designer still has to read the book. [grin]The artwork is not necessarily about what makes you happy. The artwork is about what sells.This is not impossible. Chin up.

More Than Words

It’s a blog post about the human need for physical connection.

Betsy Cross writes about the need for more than words.

My comment

I doth protest (gently) because words are not for nothing. The bible is the most obvious case that I might argue. Those words are more real, more true and good than anyone I ever know. This reminds me of Jesus’ reply to Satan.

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'”

Matthew 4:4

But I’m not saying that I don’t need people. Or that they don’t need me. I’m human.I feel and understand the need, want, reassurance and joy of physical connection, intimacy and feedback.There’s a human need and joy in touching each other that is spoken of in the Song of Solomon.
Your stature is like that of the palm,
and your breasts like clusters of fruit.
I said, “I will climb the palm tree;
I will take hold of its fruit.”
May your breasts be like clusters of grapes on the vine,
the fragrance of your breath like apples,
and your mouth like the best wine.

Song of Solomon 7:7-9
You’ve lived so long in your tower, dying everyday among the clouds, daydreams and the fog of confusion, unkind words and the long suffered disappointments, ever hoping…But now you are free. Not free to do anything. We never are. And reckless license, it always belongs to enslavement. You are free to live in the sunshine and the power of love, hope and truth. You are free at last.
Thank God Almighty, you are free at last.

Influence marketing

It’s a blog post and podcast about online advertising and marketing

Dan Cristo, Triberr co-founder, explains how agencies can present Influence Marketing to its clients. Fast companies can use influence marketing to achieve huge wins in their market space.

My comment
Dan knows things. Like he says, influence marketing is about reach and reach is a critical factor in creating a brand experience and marketing message that excites customers, fans and leads.

Ogilvy, an industry leader in advertising and marketing, often repeats the old adage: The devil is in the details. And it is a clever warning.If you are serious about advancing your company’s interests, don’t do a Leroy Jenkins. This is not a game for noobs.
Go to a professional that understands the nuances of getting the most out of your investment in influencers.

Common Mistake for a Local Business Website

It’s a blog post about the basics of online identity


Bill Treloar writes about one of my favorite topics of web page design and online identity.

My comment

I could rant on this topic. I can’t count how many times a website client balked at my insistence that they needed their contact and location information on every page. And I’ve been talking it since 1996.It’s your money. Light up those crisp Franklin notes with a crack torch – if that makes you feel happy inside. Don’t listen to the professionals! You’re a rebel without a cause and proud of it.
Or not.
Your son, daughter, niece, nephew or other amateur website designer knows everything. If they did (know everything), they’d be making serious money and have no time to make you a website.
Or not.

There are still good people in the world

It’s a video that will make you feel human.

My amazing Canadian friend Kaarina Dillabough shared this video on Facebook.
My comment
Made me cry. Do more of that. My first thought was to say, STOP THAT (making me cry).
But then it came to me – that crying tears of joy is what we all need more of. Your response: True Dat!
Thank you Kaarina.

This week and other Social Media DOHs

Coming out of the weekend, planetary geometries (Neptune and Mercury conjunctions) and coronal holes in our sun correlate to the Chilean, California and Peruvian earthquakes. Check out Ben Davidson’s video for the details. Keep up the good work, Ben.Israel asked for a ceasefire that endures for seven years. Hamas broke the ceasefire again for the eleventh time. ISIS (or IS) declared its presence at Ferguson (sign spotted on CNN) while shout outs on social media from IS agents (or Federal sock puppets of the fear mongering kind) encouraged other members of the Islamic State in America to get to Ferguson. As Anonymous suggests, the attempt of false leaders to move on from the #Ferguson conversation and portray it as an isolated incident or only a racial talking point is problematic – obviously. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization reports that the Ebola epidemic continues to spread across African nations.

Zara, an international fashion label with the Inditex Fashion group, was forced to withdraw children’s shirts which reminded more than a few outraged people of former German NAZI concentration uniforms a la Auschwitz. What is more shocking than the design were shoddy apologies that Zara/Inditex people lacked historical consciousness of the Holocaust and their error is ignorance – not malicious intent or racism. No one is buying that cup of false consciousness. If you are among the ignorant, enlighten yourself here.
ZARA and Nazi Horror
Episode nine of HBO’s TV Series The Leftovers takes us back to the day of the pre-tribulation rapture and gives us a peak into the joys and challenges of the pre-rapture lives of our central characters. Patti’s time on the couch gave me goose bumps. If you had goosebumps too, some might say that you too have the spiritual gift of discernment. I could go deep about the rapture of the fetus and it’s implications regarding the arrogance and selfish nature of any arguments about choice…
Last but not least, Season 8 of Doctor Who kicked off with the 12th Doctor played by a “mature” but possibly, dashing, Peter Capaldi. Some say the storyline drags and that Capaldi does not shine in his new role. But Whovian fans like Yomar Lopez will gladly give Capaldi a few episodes to prove himself as the quirky champion of time and space. Tune in to Geeky Antics’ Timey Wimey Tea Time podcast for the scoop on everything Doctor Who.Notes:

@RealCapaldi is 99.9% likely not to be the real Peter Capaldi.

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