#BlogSoup 09.10.14 @Faryna feat. @Nisha360 @craignewmark @MSAdvertising @pmarca @mkonnikova @bhorowitz

#BlogSoup 09.10.14 @Faryna feat. @Nisha360 @craignewmark @MSAdvertising @pmarca @mkonnikova @bhorowitz

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Blog Soup

If you don’t know about the epics of blog soup, a deliciously OP (Over Powered) explanation follows.

The comments below represent comments that I posted and those that failed to post to the websites, blogs, videos and streams that I visited. On occasion, they may represent Tweets, Replies, or Comments made on Facebook and other Social Media networks. Not everyone will appreciate the comments made to their post (I rarely suck up, brown nose or gush), but hopefully they’ll forgive me any offense (real or imagined) and, yes, they should absolutely love the rank-link juice to blog and Twitter. This is not a noob’s blog and some have even said that my seo game is fierce as it is sweet.

More about blog soup at the end of this post.

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Day 1484: Cerebral Palsy – A Training Ground?


My friend Nisha Varghese writes about how the things she learned to do as a person with cerebral palsy taught her what she needs to do as a humanitarian.

My comments

Don’t forget gratitude! Don’t forget that we need to be thankful, every day. To boldly and loudly give thanks for all the gifts we receive – especially the gifts of friendship, family and encouragement.
I’m so very proud of you, Nisha!

Why Its Important To Get Girls In Tech


Craig Newmark writes about getting girls involved in tech.

My comments

Ann Friedman writes about sexism in tech here:
I feel Friedman has ignored (or glossed over) the behavior, motivations, risk and loss that fuels the innovation and hype in tech. Furthermore, a degree in computer science or design has very little bearing on the knowledge, skills, commitment and ambition required to succeed or get any kind of attention as a young professional, entrepreneur, technologist or rockstar.
I would like to see more successful women in tech and start ups but I don’t blame the women for their lack of interest in an experience that is, practically speaking, unrewarding, unforgiving, exhausting and brutal.
Charts, graphs and statistics are too often employed as deceptive and manipulative instruments in awful games of truth and power. They rarely explain disparities and dynamics in an intelligent or satisfactory manner.  On the other hand, deeper and truer insight rarely suggests a solution that we can be unreservedly and unabashedly happy about.
The sacrifice, failures and humiliations of relentlessly pursuing opportunity is not preferable to the herd or those aspiring to the new American Dream – a balanced middle class life of the contented bureaucrat. Kafka had no idea of that mass delusion that brings them and in the darkness binds them!

Beyond the Vale of hobbits – there is no grazing in the fast lane. But the casualties and fatalities in the fast lane are gruesome and the horror is beyond your imagination.
That “pleasantville” of a balanced lifestyle of family, community, health, self development, play and work is a pipe dream. The cake is a lie. Except for those who effectively exploit, deceive, and manipulate a large number of human beings to leverage the cost of their own “earthly” paradise.

What’s the Next Big Thing in Advertising?


Greg Nelson of Microsoft plugs Microsoft in a round about way. But I think he should have hired a better writer than the intern that wrote this non sense on his behalf.

My comments

Mr. McGuire wasn’t just a genius, he was a seer! Plastics continues to be big – almost 40 years later and into the foreseeable future. So the example of plastic as a short-lived trend, um, flops.
The shell game (aka Thimblerig) in the online ad industry is where you try to find value under one or all three “shells” (programmatic, native or real time auctions) was never more than the same old, hyped out confidence game – not to mention the poorly paid accomplices in industry publications who dish out the sponsored content like it was the Word of God.
The names of the shells keep on a changing to keep the game interesting. But value is not to be found – even if you go for all three.

The ad tech industry is a good candidate for vaporization a la Marc Andreessen. If you remember his mild-mannered warning.The next big thing in advertising would be truth – the kind of truth you can’t handle.

Kickstarter Project: Kaleidoscope Cosmetics


Heather Lynn Andersen is a solopreneur with a lot of heart and ambition. She needs your help to take her business to the next level.

My comments

Awesome is when a solopreneur brings enthusiasm, heart, quality, service and creative genius to the marketplace. I’ve corresponded with Heather and she is an amazing young business woman. I’d like to see her succeed. I’m backing her. How about you?

Let’s see her finish this kickstarter at $1200! Messrs. Andreessen and Horowitz: how about throwing Heather a $25,000 bone?

The Limits of Friendship


Maria Konnikova shares the ponder of University of Oxford professor Robin Dunbar on social media and human social behavior.

My comments

Dunbar’s ideas may seem obsolete since his models of 150 person social connections are easily exceeded by serious social media users. 1500 is the minimum for the meekest among the Twitterati. I did notice that Professor Dunbar does not seem to have a Twitter account. [grin]

Want examples? Here’s a quick, short list of the Twitterati I follow…

@StartYourNovel writes awesome story prompts, encouragement for writers, etc.

@TheJackB is a daddy blogger with strong opinions and stories.

@wonderoftech writes helpful blog posts about useful tech: apps, gear, etc.

@KDillabough is a former Olympic trainer, current personal coach and story teller.

@Yogizilla is the founder of Geeky Antics and co-host of the Timey Wimey Tea Time podcast.

@bdorman264 is a principal of Lanier Upshaw, a Florida based insurance company, and formerly known as the invisible blogger.
@PaulBiedermann is a partner @12Most and Creative Director at re:Design
Nonetheless, Dunbar’s fears about how social media will impact the younger generations that didn’t have the benefit of pre-social relationships are not to be ignored.
Just sayin’

This week and other Social Media DOHs

Last Saturday, Yomar Lopez and I pondered the problem of racism and mouth garbage in the BBC’s television show, Doctor Who.

Mouth Garbage?!

I speculate that nothing does more violence, nothing causes more pain and nothing solicits despair and the experience of rejection and existential loneliness in the world than mouth garbage.

Problem: Rejection, Division, Hate, Discrimination and Despair

Solution: Stop all the mouth garbage – starting with you and me

Meanwhile, West African medical doctors are reportedly running away and medical supplies are missing in Ebola-stricken Liberia. Oddly enough, community leaders and government officials across West Africa are dying from what is being described in obituaries as a brief illness. Fears mount, however, that if Ebola hits the Monrovia slums, it will be uncontrollable.

If you imagine that my mention of Ebola to be click bait, observe that the title of this blog post bears no mention of Ebola. If you imagine my purpose to be fear-mongering, consider the things that were said at a recent emergency U.N. meeting: countless infectious dead lay on the streets of West African nations, the aggressive spread of infection in human populations is happening the same way as HIV (sexual encounter?), and the exponential growth of infection is having unexpected and alarming impact in cycles of two weeks or less. Here is some of the public video from that UN meeting on the Ebola crisis.

Part One of Timey-Wimey Tea Time Episode 7
Part Two of Timey-Wimey Tea Time Episode 7

More about blog soup

For better or worse, curation, conversation, intelligence, humanity, curiosity, intense value and cunning are at the heart of social. If you can’t bring three out of seven, social is going to be a casual experience for you. Blog Soup is a exercise in both social savvy and social media DOH. You can learn from it. You are free to imitate the format and steal the title for your own purposes and ambitions. Hat tips to me would be appreciated but they are not necessary. The words in my blog soup are copyright by me. Just email me if you want to use my blog soup on your own blog.
Feel free to recommend a post or other kind of illuminating share to me. For inclusion in my blog soup. Do not recommend your own stuff unless you are doing awesome, epic or legendary things that will amaze me. Or if no one knows who you are AND you have important ideas to share with the world. Because I do have a heart. My email is stan.faryna@gmail.com.


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  1. nisha360 says:

    Thanks for sharing my video Stan much appreciated 🙂

  2. Really interesting post Stan! I’m now checking all the links you posted.

    And @Nisha360 — I admire you so much! Good luck with the fund raising!

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Big hug to you, Maddy! And God bless you. I see you made a donation to Nisha’s project! That’s so awesome.

  3. Thanks for the shout out!! : )

  4. Ayur Reviews says:

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    #BlogSoup 09.10.14 @Faryna feat. @Nisha360 @craignewmark @MSAdvertising @pmarca @mkonnikova @bhorowitz | The unofficial blog of Stan Faryna

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    less vs More

    #BlogSoup 09.10.14 @Faryna feat. @Nisha360 @craignewmark @MSAdvertising @pmarca @mkonnikova @bhorowitz | The unofficial blog of Stan Faryna

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