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August 23, 2014

#BlogSoup Reboot 22.08.14 @AdrienneSmith40 @berget @yogizilla @ce_kilgore @snowglobeman

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Blog Soup

Some may remember the much celebrated blog soup which I had retired some years ago in the naïve hopes that others would take up the torch and advance blogosphere and social media for sake of our humanity and dignity.

None did. That bummed me out.

If you don’t know about the epics of blog soup, a deliciously OP (Over Powered) explanation follows.
The comments below represent comments that I posted and those that failed to post to the websites and blogs that I visited. On occasion, they may represent Tweets, Replies, or Comments made on Facebook and other Social Media networks. Not everyone will appreciate the comments made to their post (I rarely suck up, brown nose or gush), but hopefully they’ll forgive me any offense (real or imagined) and they should love the serious link juice to blog and Twitter. This is not a noob’s blog.
I art one blogger who is-has serious histories and algorithms.
Luna Moth 3 Faryna May 2014
Without further ado…

Thank you for stealing my identity


Adrienne Smith writes about how spammers are using your identity to create back links. And sometimes, they forget to back link! Silly bots – tricks are for kids.

My comment

My heart goes out to you, Adrienne.

Spam is getting interesting, indeed.

The consequence of identity theft in this regard is typically unintentional. But even unintended consequences remain consequential – especially for the victims of identity theft. This kind of black hat activity, however, will only increase. Such is our dilemma.
Your prolific comments actually single you out as a preferable identity to use for black hat seo purposes. They hope that use of your identity will increase the value of the back link, discourage back link deletion and get past spam detection.One way you can make your identity a nuisance to spambots is by contacting the businesses/persons at the links and let them know that you hold them responsible for their sinister seo practices and that you will seek damages against them for their fraudulent use of your good name and reputation. If you are lucky, they will apologize and fire their trollish seo people.
If the business is unsympathetic, the next step involves a blog post and a lawyer. And it may involve a lawyer in the local region of that business. Such is the internets. With much benefit, there is much cost.

What’s right? What’s wrong? What can people get away with.

This is the unhappy conclusion of a world that celebrates moral relativity. Sometimes, things work your way. Sometimes, they don’t. But I wish it were otherwise. I would rather we were all led by Christ and that we acknowledged and repented of our own wickedness and all the wickedness of the world.

The Trial


Thomas Snow writes beautifully here. And that is no exaggeration.

My comment

Beautiful. Wonderful. THIS makes me feel alive. Thank you!

How do you measure success on Facebook?

[note: site is under new and untrusted management]

Jens-Petter Berget solicits opinions from social media pros on how they are measuring success on Facebook.

Update: Link has been removed in 2017 as Jens’ website seems to have gone spammy and rogue.

My comment

The cost of creating and maintaining relationships on social networks can be considerable. I see social marketers investing the equivalent of hundreds of dollars (or more) in one to one relationships that just aren’t feasible for corporate (big to small) online strategy.

Businesses want conversions and transactions at the cheapest possible price. The internet advertising and marketing mumbo jumbo suggests that that they can do it for pennies on the traditional ad spend dollar. But it gets worse. The social media people try to sell the imaginary numbers and benefits of social based on the recycled lies of online advertising.

None of which means that there is no value in online advertising and marketing. Or social. As Ted Rubin suggests, the conversation is most of the content in an online relationship.

Yet the cake remains a lie.


I’m a former IAB European National Director. So I’m not talking out my…

So my effort and measurement is based on a completely different model – a business model that may remind you of the business of the Ministry of Silly Walks.

Have I made impact in the minds, hearts and lives of the people that tune in to me?

Have I helped them work through their own self-deceits, delusions and vanities?

Have I helped them discover, see, and live out true love, truth, goodness and beauty?

The return is small but this is work for which we shall not count the cost.

Because this is the only work that is worthwhile.

10 Myths About MOBAS Debunked – Perhaps

Yomar Lopez addresses the hate growing around games referred to as Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas.
My comment

If you aren’t into games, you might wonder why you should care about MOBAs. But online games are a powerful segment of online business. In terms of growth, it may be second to porn.

Because people got time to kill. Because some don’t have work. Or can’t get work. Because some people need something more than what they got offline – love, acceptance, admiration, purpose, etc.

And if you say you know a little something something about the internets, you gotta know something about MOBAs, MMORPGs, FPSs, etc. You know what I’m saying!

Age and disinterest are not excuses. In the age of internets, we are all expected to know a little about everything.

Yomar really wants to tell you about how you can get in and get out of the MOBA experience with a little grace. Maybe, you can even retain some dignity and self-esteem too. But not really.

I just wish he’d focus on that. As for MOBA players – they’re seriously demonized. They breathe hate, contempt and hostility like it was air.


Demonized is not demonization. Demonized a la Derek Prince is kinda like possession but minus 360 degree head spins, levitations, glowing eyes, biblical boils, etc.

You know I love you, bro.

Authors and Twitter: You’re Doing It Wrong

C. E. Kilgore writes about the problem of faking it as a curator via Triberr, etc.

My comment

The cake is a lie.

I’m sorry you had to figure it out the hard way. But we all do – all who dare to dream. We all learn the hard way – unless we came to the game as a taker.

The problematic extends to all who hope to do something epic in social. Because the cake is a lie. Beyond the cake meta of social, the dynamic of reciprocity and all the dreams of pyramid schemes never works out like it should. For many reasons.

Mostly, it doesn’t work well because the effort is herculean – not to mention that it requires a serpent’s cunning. And even if this was all in place, the rewards are intensely insufficient.

But our lessons in online advertising and marketing are not over. Nor our disappointments.

Beyond our desperate need for reach, there is too much noise in social. Competing for attention is expensive – one way or the other. If you succeed in getting that one to 10 seconds of attention for which you fought tooth and nail, then the truth shall out: is your value to your customer explicit, intense and irrefutable?

Ironically, the above walkthrough represents another common and devastating error  – putting the cart before the horse.

The business model for books (as suggested by the New York Times’ bestseller list) is selling 5,000+ books per week. If what you are doing can’t go there, you may have a problem – if ever you dreamed of limos, five star hotels, big houses, elegant clothes, fancy cars, vip events, etc.

This Week and other Social Media DOHs

Geeks are all excited about the pending debut of the 12th Doctor (13th regeneration) on Season 8 of Doctor Who. John the Baptist almost wrote poetry about Ferguson. Meanwhile, we continued to mourn Robin Williams’ suicide and I still can’t get anyone from Revel Casino to talk to me about how they were supposed to pay for the damages done to my car by their valet people, but they are officially bankrupt. Obviously.

Hamas finally admitted that it’s own people abducted the Israeli teenagers and killed them. Christians in Iraq and Syria are being slaughtered, raped, robbed, displaced, etc. for being Christians. That includes the beheading of children in public places. The video of the beheading of a freelance, American journalist James Foley ignited American outrage. His ransom for 100 Million Dollars had not been paid. So much for the religious ideals of IS. But there’s not much in tears or outrage for the murder of helpless, Christian children. That bums me out. Maybe, it’s just too horrible for some people to think about.

I have no doubt that IS has brought a heavy curse upon their own heads, their people, and their nation. For God keeps all of His promises – the beautiful and the terrifying. It will go very badly for them and it will go badly for many generations.

The Christian solution, I imagine, is not to send soldiers to kill the bad guys – unless Jesus has shouted down from the heavens and no one told me. The Christian solution is for us to unite in repentance, praise, thanksgiving and prayer – we must plead with God for Him to bring peace to His peoples on Earth. One million people united in humility, hope and prayer to God, our heavenly father, will accomplish more than 100,000 soldiers on the ground, 10,000 missiles and rockets, ten billion dollars worth of air support, and ten million rounds of various ammunition.

What we got here is a lack of leadership, wisdom and love – political and spiritual.

Likewise, Ferguson would never have become what it did if political and leaders had stood with the people in solidarity and led them in mourning and healing. Ten million dollars of tax payer money in fancy military gear does not obtain anything resembling peace, justice or the American way.

The death toll of the Syrian Civil War approaches 200,000. Egyptian blogger and human rights activitst Alaa Abd El Fattah remains imprisoned. Thousands of Pakistanis overran the security barrier around the house of Pakistan’s Prime Minister and demanded his resignation. Ebola remains to be contained in Africa. Quakes surging around the Eyjafjallajokul volcano in Iceland.

The only thing that made sense (of everything) this week was Patti’s recitation of Keats on HBO’s 8th Episode of HBO’s The Leftovers. Coincidence?

Michael Robartes Bids his Beloved be at Peace by Yeats

HEAR the Shadowy Horses, their long manes a-shake,

Their hoofs heavy with tumult, their eyes glimmering white;

The North unfolds above them clinging, creeping night,

The East her hidden joy before the morning break,

The West weeps in pale dew and sighs passing away,

The South is pouring down roses of crimson fire:

O vanity of Sleep, Hope, Dream, endless Desire,

The Horses of Disaster plunge in the heavy clay:

Beloved, let your eyes half close, and your heart beat

Over my heart, and your hair fall over my breast,

Drowning love’s lonely hour in deep twilight of rest,

And hiding their tossing manes and their tumultuous feet.

Myself, I am not a believer in coincidence. Serendipity, however, is never recognizable to the foolish and proud.

God enlighten us, everyone. Soon. Actually, make that sooner…

Stan Faryna
22 August 2014
Fairfax, Virginia



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Thanks for breaking my car, #Revel Casino cc @RevelResorts @VisitAC

August 12, 2014

Please help me to speak to Revel

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna


Some weeks ago, I stayed at the Revel Casino in Atlantic City. I used the valet parking service. When they came out with my car, the tail light was busted and there were lots of scratches.

Here’s a few of the pics that I submitted to Revel’s Claims Adjuster, Donna Passarelli.

Revel Valet Parking Damage 1

Revel Valet Parking Damage 2

Just an hour before I had handed my car over to Revel’s valet parking people, I had been to the dealership for new tires and they did a full damage assessment on the car. So we have an official third party report (dated documentation) that the damages Revel’s people did to my car was not pre-existing damage.

I took pictures of the damage, I filed the claim according to their rules, and the claims representative told me that they would take care of it. After many phone calls and some correspondence with the Donna Passarelli (Claims Adjuster for Revel Entertainment), I was told two weeks ago that Donna doesn’t work there. Then they gave me a phone number to someone else who doesn’t exist at Revel.

So I went to Revel to speak face to face and now they tell me they have no claims department. Really? I drove up from the Washington, DC area to Atlantic City to be told that?

An anonymous legal counsel that represents casinos in Atlantic City tells me that I could spend tens of thousands trying to make Revel pay up. Not to mention how I would have to come up here for trial dates where they will successfully postpone hearing after hearing for a year or more.

Awesome! But not really.

Revel Entertainment Email

The repairs cost me $2,500 (Donna had approved the estimate of a local body shop by phone). The additional week of stay was about another $1,000 as I had to stay in Atlantic City while the car was being repaired.

Dear reader and friend, I’d be grateful for your help if you tweeted this tweet.

Dear @RevelResort Pay for the damages to @Faryna’s car. Thanks. cc @VisitAC #Revel


Plz RT #Fail Thanks for breaking @Faryna’s car, #Revel Casino cc @RevelResorts @VisitAC

And if you happen to be one of the countless people that have been wronged and cheated by Revel Entertainment, let me know below in the comments and maybe we can get your issue resolved too.


As I reflect on today’s new stories of Revel’s upcoming closing and the angry rumors of how Morgan Stanley took a beating and then how Revel took tax payer money in a bail out that’s gone bad, I can’t but help to think that their lack of responsibility to customers (myself included) as “business as usual” is a clue into their mismanagement of the billions of dollars investment, business operations, and tax payer money.

Revel’s demise comes as no surprise. Sadly, such mismanagement also comes at the cost of thousands of people to be soon unemployed in Atlantic City. My heart goes out to the people living and working in AC and the surrounding cities. May God help them.




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Self-promotion, Value and Other Social Media Dohs

Stan Faryna
12 August 2014
Atlantic City, New Jersey



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Self-promotion, value and other social media DOHs

August 22, 2013

Self-promotion, value and other social media DOHs

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

4MIN News August 22, 2013

Etta James, At Last

Papilio glaucus Eatern Tiger Swallowtail and Buddleia butterfly bush Faryna

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Winning Takes Care of Everything

March 27, 2013

Winning Takes Care of Everything

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna
Michael Jackson, Man in the Mirror
There is a small, outspoken minority that are offended by Nike’s celebratory ad of Tiger Wood’s recent PGA triumph as he climbs to No. 1 in Golf.
Nike’s position on the message,”winning takes care of everything,” is that it’s about Tiger’s game – it is not a tongue in cheek reply to the scandals that dethroned the golfer in 2009. But no one is buying Nike’s official statement. Any controversy actually feeds the hype. And, honestly, who is going to passionately argue that winning doesn’t take care of everything?
Winning Takes Care of Everything
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Zombies, Self Defeat and Consequence. And other social media DOHs.

November 3, 2012

Zombies, Defeat and Consequence.

And other social media DOHs.

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Moby, Natural Blues

Self Defeat

Something is not going where you want it to go. Not fast enough.

It’s not taking you where you expected to get.

Social Media. Blogging. Your job. Your relationships. Whatever.

You have dreams and vision, but the long road of hope smells like fingers – as Bill Dorman has said.

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Sustainable failure. And other social media DOHs.

October 2, 2012

Sustainable failure. And other social media DOHs.

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Have you ever thought about how people are more comfortable rejecting proposals than advocating, refining, and supporting a proposal in hand?

But if every solution that is proposed is found to be flawed in one aspect or another, none shall be adopted and executed upon. Actually, don’t most people stop thinking about solving the problem once the proposal is defeated?

The defeat of a proposal, however, is neither a milestone nor an accomplishment. That’s not a step forward.

Yet people will treat the proposal as the problem – and once the proposal is defeated, they feel like they’ve solved a problem and it’s back to business – the business of sustainable failure.

Sounds like gridlock, doesn’t it? But it happens all the time. I do it. You do it. We all do it. Again and again.

How do we get beyond sustainable failure?

That’s a question for you and me to think about. Right now. I’d like to know your thoughts on this. The comment section is below.

Stan Faryna
02 October 2012
Bucharest, Romania

What William Faulkner can teach you about blogging, writing, and being human

April 30, 2012

The Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech of William Faulkner

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

William Faulkner

American writer and Nobel Prize laureate  William Faulkner received the Nobel Prize in Literature (1950). It was awarded to Faulkner “for his powerful and artistically unique contribution to the modern American novel.” Among Faulkner’s books, The Sound and Fury (1929) should be known to you. The book tells the tumultuous and tragic story of the once privileged, Mississippi Compson family. At the center of the story is Caddy – the obsession of her brothers. Among the devices William Faulkner uses to tell this story is the technique known as stream of consciousness where ideas and images flow and swirl, interrupt each other, consume us, and – if we are lucky – reveal the conflicts that weigh upon the human heart.

Metric, Help I’m Alive

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Harvard Biz Professor Michael Norton Says Money Makes Us Happy

April 26, 2012

Harvard Biz Professor Michael Norton Says Money Makes Us Happy 

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Can money buy you happiness? At TEDX Cambridge, Michael Norton argued that money can buy you happiness – when you spend it on other people.

Enrique Iglesias, I Just Wanna Be With You
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Run Forrest Run! And other important lessons about service.

April 18, 2012

Run Forrest Run! And other important lessons about service.

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Michael Brenner writes, “focus on customers and run like never before.”

I pondered what this should mean. It could mean many things as Michael himself suggests. But what should it mean – if it is addressed by greatness. I pondered this across the day and into the evening. In the middle of the night, I awoke. It came to me just then. Forrest Gump.

A clip from the movie, Forrest Gump

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Were you there when they nailed him to the tree?

April 6, 2012

Were you there when they nailed him to the tree?

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Today is Good Friday for Roman Catholics and most protestant Christians. It is a day that commemorates the crucifixion and death of Christ. Mel Gibson’s 2004 movie, The Passion of the Christ vividly portrays the agony and glory of Christ. I highly recommend Gibson’s movie for those who want to honestly reflect upon what it means to follow Christ.

Christianity is a religion, as I (imperfectly) understand it, that calls out to the believer to be a hero and to live greatness – the greatness of God. As my undergrad philosophy professor, Dallas Willard, once explained to me, the Christian life is nothing more and nothing less than nakedly following the naked Christ.

Nudi Nudum Christum Sequi. 

Tennessee Ernie Ford, Were You There

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