how to care for creation one inch at a time #100inches

April 25, 2013

how to care for creation one inch at a time

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

I explained in the comments of the previous post. That I was going to do my small part in caring for creation. To summarize, I’m planting flowers and bushes that will feed and nourish the pollinators: bees, butterflies, fireflies and hummingbirds.

That post is here:

Nobody cares about your disingenuous #Earthday tweet or post

Here in my neck of the Northern Virginia suburb, we have many varieties of pollinators. Of bees, we have wild European honey beesbumblebees, and carpenter bees. I think that my favorite local butterflies are the orange-speckled, brush footed butterflies (Nymphalidae). But any bright colored butterfly makes a heart smile.

Opus Dei

I planned eight flower beds – a work bigger than me infact. It was easy to imagine, but proving a beast in the execution. But that’s how I roll – throwing myself at the impossible. Or improbable. Success promises immense satisfaction and upliftment. Failure, of course, threatens at every inch. That’s how I think of God’s work – however erroneous that conception may be. Read the rest of this entry »

Nobody cares about your #Earthday tweet or post. #100inches

April 22, 2013

Nobody cares about your disingenuous #Earthday tweet or post.

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Michael Jackson, They don’t care about us


Earthday is on April 22nd. That could be today, tomorrow, or yesterday – depending on when you read this post. Most of my readership will not read this post. In fact, I predict that less than 20 people will read this post – regardless of the effort I made to pull readers in with a snarky title.

Did it work, Josh?

My doing this blog post despite the general dissympathy for Creation – that’s the kind of fire in the belly that distinguishes the blogger from the attention whores. [grin]

Enough with the snark! Because I have contempt for none. But I do have a place in my heart for you and the whole world.

This is what it means to fire it up, get ‘er done, and step up. There are no rewards and applause for doing the right thing – persistently. But the world, regardless of the lack of happy noise, gets better by these unappreciated inches – inch by inch.


The insipid, lackluster and uninspired description of Earthday provided by Wikipedia is here:

Earthday is an annual day on which events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection

As Bill Dorman might ask – did a fifth grader write that?! [grin] Read the rest of this entry »