Blog Soup 2011.11.05 Sign of Noah, Social Media, and Business as Usual

November 5, 2011

Blog Soup

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Blog Soup 2011.11.05. Sign of Noah, Social Media, and Business as Usual

Jack Steiner says that things aren’t any worse or better than they ever were. Keep the course, I suppose. Only those that hear the music are in danger of the blood thirsty mermaids that swarm around the hull with irresistible siren songs.

Triberr is on full manual. You’ll need to approve each tweet from your tribe members – if you want them to keep loving on you. I’ll be repeating this message for a few more blog soups for the obvious reasons. [grin]

I read a lot of blogs. Maybe, too many. I comment on a lot of blog posts. Maybe, too many. If you are a Triberrati, you do too.

A Triberrati is a blogger that stands out in the Triberr community. Triberr is a web app that connects bloggers and helps them to curate each other on Twitter. You can learn all about Triberr by reading any of the following posts about it.

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Gary Portnoy, Where everybody knows your name (Cheers theme song)

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What can we do to turn around an economic downturn?

March 18, 2008

Below, Clip from Bloomberg News (November, 2007): David Tice, Fund Manager for Prudent Bear Fund said stock market would decline 50-60%.



Next Steps

Over here in Europe, economies seem to be responding positively to a flat income tax. That’s the official story. We are told that when corporate profits are unburdened by heavy taxes, the money goes into things like employment, consumption and investment in innovation. In other words, the money keeps moving.

Russia went to a 13 percent flat tax on personal income in 2001 and some economists claim this facilitated the recovery of Russia’s economy without the help of the oil boom. Slovakia was the first to adopt a 19 percent flat tax on corporate and personal income. Romania followed with a 16 percent flat tax on corporate profit and personal income.

In the United States, the Republican and Democrat parties have not made any serious commitment to the concept of flat taxes. Jerry Brown (D) and Steve Forbes (R) were among the only presidential candidates (1992 campaigns) to forcefully advocate such a sweeping tax policy change. Generally speaking, Democrats and Republican seem to be stuck in a way of federal spending that only allows them to think about slightly raising and slightly lowering taxes.

The problem remains, however. How do we support and encourage small and medium size business start ups and growth in order to get the money moving again in now-vulnerable middle class circles? Getting American money moving again in the right places is one factor among several that are needed to turn around a global economic downturn.

Below, background noise for reading: David Gahan (of Depeche Mode), Kingdom:


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Tell that long tongue liar… sooner or later

February 17, 2008

Five cent tour for Patsaks:

If the Democratic leadership continues to hide behind sorry excuses for neutrality and fairness, card-carrying Democrats across America may become disillusioned with the Party. They know Barack Obama is a man that can win the presidential election. They know that he comes to the American people with more than a message of hope; he is a man of action. Democrats need their Party leaders to come out and lead the victory march- carrying the Illinois prophet on their shoulders.

Obama wins hearts and minds

The popularity contest has been decided; Barack Obama has won the heart of the American liberal. And he will make headway with disappointed conversatives and the religious right as well. No one can deny the upper hand of the silver tongued prophet from Illinois. His message of hope has gone as far to even touch the hearts and inspire the imagination of Europeans and other observers.

It has been a long time since the American people were this excited about a Party nominee, presidential election or about a presidential candidate. Americans and the world want an American president that brings empathy, courage, will and justice to the presidential office. Barack Obama appears to have all that and much more.
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