True coffee-lovers become coffee evangelists

March 1, 2008

Five Cent Tours in Bablion:

The best way to get a good cup of coffee at home, work or elsewhere is to be a coffee evangelist. You will need to encourage and educate your friends, family and colleagues in a friendly, warm and kind manner. You will need to be persistent, patient, helpful and courteous as you communicate your enthusiasm for a well-deserved, good cup of coffee.

Coffee pot challenged persons

I know that there are a lot of coffee freaks out there and I am one of you.

Like me, you suffer terribly at the hands of family, friends and colleagues who think that a cup of coffee is somehow as easy as a tea-bagged cup of tea. Actually, a good cup of tea is equally challenging.

The most unkind among my friends and colleagues are sure that I drink my coffee (that they prepared) with way too much sugar and milk. However, I am only attempting to repair the damage they have done and make a coffee drink that I can swallow. If you permit me to be vulgar, I will have my caffeine one way or another.

Nay, I must.



Fortunately, Starbucks has been in Bucharest for about a year now– at twice to three times the cost for anything you find at a US location.

Until Starbucks, I was importing Starbucks (twenty pounds at a time) and other things with frequent flights for five years now. I even have my own personal connection for on demand, fresh roasted certified Kona coffee.

Note: You can contact me on linkedin if you need a Kona hook up.
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moby and me: Bucharest and Chestii

February 24, 2008

Five cent tour for Patsaks:

Find out what a self-proclaimed blog star (me) has to say to an actual rock star (moby). See the official video for Alice, a track from the soon to be released album, Last Night.

moby and me (eu si moby)

On february 20th, moby writes:

“… san francisco, as i’ve written about before, is such an odd place. it’s beautiful and progressive and affluent, but it also has more hookers and drug dealers per sq km. than any city in the western world…”

I reply:

Dude… you need to get out more.

It’s obvious to me that you spend too much time in the clubs- especially if you think every woman on the street is a hooker. Most likely, they all just look like hookers.

Anyway, can we call them, working girls, instead of hookers? It seems to me that as long as we remember that they are persons, there can be hope for the rehabilitation of their dignity and destiny as persons.

Somehow, we also need to rehabilitate your concept of the western world. It’s more than NYC and LA. Most see it going as far as the African and Asian continents. Of course, the Russians are very offended by this kind of NATO-oriented talk. Generally speaking, Russians are somehow also western- if in their own mean-spirited way.

If you don’t believe me, ask Dmitry Medvedev.

Since you don’t drive, I know that you sometimes get stuck in that feeling that the world begins and ends in NYC with a few frontier posts out there in the badlands (LA, SF, London, Paris, etc).

Have you been to Bucharest?

Bucharest is out there… on the edge of the Western world. You will even find a lot of people here that can speak English. A bit of advice – avoid the Romanian girls on, Yahoo Personals, High5, etc.
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