Woo Hoo! Free Silver for the Avengers FB Game, @12Most, #dadchat, @GuyKawasaki and I won a book!

May 16, 2012

Free Silver for the Avengers FB Game, @12 Most, #dadchat, @GuyKawasaki and I won a book!

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

I wasn’t going to write a blog post today. I wanted to write my novel. Not the whole book. Five pages would have been SUPER awesome. But that’s not going to happen. BUT I do have four things to share with you that made my day awesome.

Johnny Nash, I can see clearly now

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College, Parents, Money and Kids: #Dadchat RECAP

May 14, 2012

WHO KNEW that college could be so traumatic – to parents!

This #DadChat RECAP also appeared last week on Bruce Sallan’s blog.

How do parents pay for a kid (or more) to go to college when a four year degree costs as much as a house? As it is, one in three American families is financially challenged by rent or mortgage.

Will the kids get an education that provides life-long competitive advantages or just literacy and a long term debt load on student loans? The world is amidst great change – whole economies too.

What happens if your kid drops out? Or, yikes, what if your kid doesn’t want to go to college. It might work out for little Bobby or Sue, but can you live with that as a parent? Without an ulcer?

Bob Dylan, The times they are a changin

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