Tell that long tongue liar… sooner or later

February 17, 2008

Five cent tour for Patsaks:

If the Democratic leadership continues to hide behind sorry excuses for neutrality and fairness, card-carrying Democrats across America may become disillusioned with the Party. They know Barack Obama is a man that can win the presidential election. They know that he comes to the American people with more than a message of hope; he is a man of action. Democrats need their Party leaders to come out and lead the victory march- carrying the Illinois prophet on their shoulders.

Obama wins hearts and minds

The popularity contest has been decided; Barack Obama has won the heart of the American liberal. And he will make headway with disappointed conversatives and the religious right as well. No one can deny the upper hand of the silver tongued prophet from Illinois. His message of hope has gone as far to even touch the hearts and inspire the imagination of Europeans and other observers.

It has been a long time since the American people were this excited about a Party nominee, presidential election or about a presidential candidate. Americans and the world want an American president that brings empathy, courage, will and justice to the presidential office. Barack Obama appears to have all that and much more.
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