Book of Carrot: Chapter 1.11 by Stan Faryna

May 5, 2011

Chapter 1.11.1

This is a continuation of the posts originally titled, An Untitled Novel About The Long Road of Hope.

[ Chapter 1.1 is here. ]

Noah was dressed in a black tuxedo. He and two other well dressed men stood when the ladies entered the restaurant.

“Thank you so much for joining us, ladies. You are sparkling jewels that light up the night. Tonight, I want to celebrate the return of our hope. Of our children…” said Noah.

“I give thanks to God with a joyful heart. And I want to welcome you home, ladies. We have long awaited your arrival with much anticipation.”

Noah introduced the ladies to Ambassador Henri St. Therese and Prince Mihail Sturza. Read the rest of this entry »