The Scourge of Inexorable Corruption 1.0

March 11, 2011

The following commentary was first published in Servant Hearts.

The struggle for a better world

For those who share in the hope for a better world, there is a keen awareness that our pluralistic hope includes the expectation that good government (or state) is key. A more perfect union, in other words. A more perfect union is one where the political union of the will and aspirations of the many is dedicated to the common good founded upon the dignity, virtue and destiny of the human person.

When the Egyptians succeeded in ousting President Hosni Mubarak, people across the globe were inspired. This collective inspiration is a testament to everyone’s shared hope for a better world. The protests spreading across the Pan-Arabic world in concert with each other also suggests that such hope is basic to all.

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Futureshock: Fascism in Romania’s future

January 12, 2007

In Bablion, we trust… no one.

Romanians would like a magnificent, majestic and heroic King who embodies the will of the nation, but without giving up their sense of freedom- a freedom that was handed to them on a blood-splashed silver platter by former intelligence bosses who wanted a bigger slice of pie than they could get under communism. While Romanians do not want another dictator that sets himself up as the new boss, they secretly yearn for a new kind of fascist leader who will bring a doctrine of action, make things happen, and renew national pride – a pride that communism took from them long ago.

The future is shocking; the future is the new facism

As an emerging market, Romania is an exciting place to be. I remain inspired by the prolific change that I have seen realized in the last seven years. In fact, Bucharest is an exciting place to be – London and Paris are tired cliches in comparison. Investment opportunities abound in agriculture, commercial and residential real estate, education, finance, hotel and resort development, online advertising, publishing, services, and more.

It is a shame that they can’t get their politics right- the inexorable corruption and capricious politics of discreditation provides an opening for a new fascism.



The rise of a new kind fascism does not threaten business, investment and private property because the tools of capitalism provide contenders with the immense wealth and power needed for a fascist leader to emerge to the center stage as an authentic national hero. Already, the new fascism subverts the democratic dynamic of a nation (good of the people) into a corporative state where national policies are decided by captains of industry and business. This has become particularly clear regarding conflicts on legislation between the European Union and the Romanian state.
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