Blog Soup 01.18.2012 Wednesday Women: A Celebration of Woman

January 18, 2012

blog soup 01.18.2012

Wednesday Women: A Celebration of Woman

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Alphaville, Forever Young

1. the things at the end of your arms [sic] by Jane Furey

Writes Jane:

When I am a child my hands want to be held. I use my hands for requests. Raised above my head means ‘up’, lift me up so I can see, your face, what you are looking at…

Lift me up and hold me tight, I need comfort. I need to know you love me. Keep me safe. Give me, food, water, a toy, a smile. Read the rest of this entry »

Blog Soup: A blog log of a servant triberratus 2011.09.22

September 22, 2011

Blog soup

I read a lot of blogs. Maybe, too many. I comment on a lot of blog posts. Maybe, too many. If you are a Triberrati, you do too.

A Triberrati is a blogger that stands out in the Triberr community. Triberr is a web app that connects bloggers and helps them to curate each other on Twitter. You can learn all about Triberr by reading any of the following posts about it.

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2. Stan Faryna, Triberr 1.0, invite-only crack for the in crowd

3. Jason Yormark, Triberr: How I Increased My Reach to Over 300000…

4. Eugene Farber, 9 Marketing Lessons From Triberr

5. The Jack B, What Do Triberr & A Drunk Moose Have In Common

6. Neicole Crepeau, Friday Fives: Tips For Using Triberr

7. Nicole Cook, A Comprehensive Guide to Using Triberr

Read the rest of this entry »