Once upon a time in social media. And other social Media DOHs!

June 25, 2012

Once upon a time in social media part one

by Stan Faryna

Once upon a time, a boy and girl went into an wardrobe and found themselves in a fairy tale. They emerged from a burrow of moss and jasmine and found themselves looking out upon a grassy overlook. Nearby, a black unicorn pranced to the delight of half-foot-tall, laughing faeries. The little people worked as they laughed; they wove a garland of fragrant, pink peonies for the unicorn’s reward.

A faun too frolicked in his labor. Oh how the faun leapt! As high as three meters at times. At times, he gathered red pomegranate fruits. On other leaps, bunches of juicy, green grapes – each grape as big as a plum. Of course, the gentle faun shared gladly and freely with anyone who desired the fruit of his labors.

A Blue-fronted Amazon parrot flew up from a pomegranate branch shaken by the faun and complained bitterly at the rude awakening. The faun had disturbed the parrot’s nap!

Without delay, the faun apologized profusely. Reluctantly, the green breasted parrot accepted his apology. And all was well in paradise.

Cold Play, Paradise

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