Book of Carrot: Chapter 1.12 by Stan Faryna

May 12, 2011

Chapter 1.12.1

This is a continuation of the posts originally titled, An Untitled Novel About The Long Road of Hope.

[ Chapter 1.1 is here. ]

03 July 2023

Three white Porsche Cayennes pulled up at La Boeme. John and Cristina got out of the first SUV. Lumi, Grace and George got out of the second SUV. It was like they were Hollywood stars. People stared.

They went into the restaurant and were seated at a reserved table. Max was their server and they liked her. She had been their server on several previous occasions. Max was very attentive. Cristina liked that.

“Hi, John and Cristina. Can I get you and your friends something to drink?” said Max as she walked up to their table. Read the rest of this entry »


Book of Carrot: Chapter 1.10 by Stan Faryna

May 4, 2011

Chapter 1.10.1

This is a continuation of the posts titled, An Untitled Novel About The Long Road of Hope.

[ Chapter 1.1 is here. ]

On the road of despair, one freedom may be purchased for another freedom. But true freedom cannot be purchased without hope. Just like a purchased kiss is not a kiss.

Because a purchased kiss does not fill the heart.

Just like purchased kisses, stolen pleasures and comforts gather shame and jealousy like roads gather dust. Where hope grows fruit and thanksgiving, despair gathers shame and jealousy.

Despair grates the stoney ground of a broken heart with broken, screeching plow shares. It makes a God-awful commotion that tastes like the greasy, black smoke of burning plastic. The sound can be so horrible that you have to press your hands hard against your ears, eyes, mouth, nose and soul. All at the same time!

Without hope, there’s no other way to avoid it crawling into your skin and spreading across you like a creeping, malicious intelligence.

– Dio

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An Untitled Novel About the Road of Hope: Chapter 1.7

April 27, 2011

Chapter 1.7.1

[ Chapter 1.1 is here. ]


John paid the daily pass at the entrance of Cismigiu Park next to the Cretulescu palace. Hachi was pulling at the leash – he needed to do some business.

They walked down the steps to the swan and duck pond. Looking around, John didn’t see any park guards, so he let Hachi off leash. Hachi stopped to bark at a flock of black swans making a commotion. Then he ran past the long line for the spring and disappeared.

“K- Message to Steve. Dad said that he’d love to do the speaking engagement. You know my account. Catch you laterz.”

“Ok. Sending message to Steve.”

“Incoming call from Zach…”


John heard a commotion on the other side of the call. It sounded like cows, chickens and pigs. Read the rest of this entry »