J. Alfred Prufrock, Zeldman, blogging, and I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

June 16, 2011

Bloggers come and go in the land Oz; talking about a Midsummer Santa Claus

If you didn’t peak in high school, there was the consolation (myth?) that you’ll rock it (find happiness) later on.

Listening to The Big Web Show #49 at 5by5.tv/bigwebshow/49, I had to chuckle when Jeffrey Zeldman whines to Dan Benjamin about how “popularity” drives us now more than ever. Today, if your blog post doesn’t get picked up by techmeme, Google, or Ashton Kusher (@aplusk), you just won’t feel really good about what you’re doing.

“Popularity matters profoundly,” Zeldman bemoans. Popularity – not quality, Zeldman argues, is what determines your happiness because the advertisers, sponsors, and opportunities go almost exclusively to the winners of the popularity contest. Niche, in other words, should be awesome when you own it. But, frankly, as Zeldman and Benjamin admit, niche just doesn’t play out to our expectations. It doesn’t pay either.

U2 – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

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Social City: Cheats, Bugs or Bust 1.1

July 28, 2010

Below, Paul Simon performing Graceland at a South African concert in Zimbabwe:

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Saving Graceland

Graceland is in trouble!

Stan’s town needs your help.

Oh Noes!

The game they got going in Social City is as deep as a puddle. Nevermind the toxic, oily (but pretty) rainbow shimmer of the new Tudor Mayoral Estate. I think Billy got knocked around there once. Or twice. Billy who? Billy Shakespeare, of course. But that’s just a rumor – mind you.

The Mayor of Graceland is considering resignation. And Graceland will be no more. It will fall apart. Factories will grind to a halt and the people of Graceland will get laid off. Public services will stop. People will move out. There will be rioting mimes. Killer robots. Cute kittens left in trees. Fires in the historic downtown. Potholes that swallow whole cars.

Organize a rescue mission!

Your reward should be something like 100 Gazillion City Bucks.

Maybe, it should be a lot more. But heck, they only offered 100 City Bucks to the contest winner who came up with the most popular building to add to the “store”. That’s comes out to about 5 bucks for which you may or may not be taxed. Brian Drake, Playdom’s Social City Community Manager, must think we all live in a low population, under-developed village in India or South America- if they can imagine that we could appreciate the symbolic value of that prize.

A truly symbolic reward would be 1000 City Bucks and it would include credit to the lucky guy or girl in the object information. That credit would include their F/B pic and a working link to their F/B account. Better still, there should be 20 winners – not just one. Because, most likely, they will eventually use more than 20 object suggestions – if not hundreds.

Anyway, what’s up with the five bucks?

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Romanian Parliament makes a totalitarian move

March 7, 2008

Five cents will not even buy you a spoken paragraph of no particular value in Bablion. So consider yourself lucky that you found me…

The Romanian Parliament makes a totalitarian move by signing the controversial Lisbon Treaty without engaging a national conversation about the advantages and disadvantages to be expected if the Treaty is realized. Such a move is not the first example of the authoritarian disregard for Law, Order and Constitution by Romanian leaders- but it seems to be the most shameless prostitution of the Romanian state by a democratically-elected Parliament.

“Romania is for sale” below is a parody of the Romanian state (non-english and no subtitles)



Totalitarian Move

Last month, Romania’s Parliament agreed to sign the controversial Lisbon Treaty. Romanian officials were very pleased to exercise their authority as members of the European Union on February 4th. French President Nicolas Sarkozy even came to show his support, have a drink, and meet some nice girls. Interestingly, the Romanian government did not feel any duty or obligaion to communicate to the Romanian people the purpose and specifics of the Lisbon treaty, its impact on the Romanian constitution (if accepted by the European Union) or what this means for Romania’s independence in the future.
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PHP or ASP.NET for killer web applications

July 27, 2007

When considering the development of a web application, PHP and ASP.NET provide similar results. Finding an experienced, talented and dedicated development team is usually more important than the technology to be used. Great PHP and ASP.NET developers cost the same. And it is a lot. Likewise, successful developments and a high level of support usually cost the same. Again, a lot.

Below, you might think this guy is hard core geek. But he’s just a monkey-geek-whore.




I am often asked which is better, PHP or ASP.NET? A few days ago, I was approached again with the same question.
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