Oh – Lumi is a 360 degree hottie #sexy #intelligent #spiritual

June 3, 2011

The beautiful and intelligent Lumi

A scene from Chapter 2.1 in Book of Carrot, my novel about the end times. READ it here http://wp.me/pbg0R-eU


In this pic, Lumi is on the balcony of her hotel apartment that she is sharing with Grace and Max. She’s reviewing social messages via her hyper-intelligent eyewear (K-9) in her search for clues to how the world fell apart.


Meanwhile, Lumi was looking for clues to what happened.

Ok. Playing Social Messages from 04 July 2023 from 4:57 am in reverse order.

Bucharest Herald

Woman raped in Congo ‘nearly every minute’ link


Hot! Hot! Hot! That’s the temperature forecast for the next two weeks. Drink lots of water and sit under an air conditioner. Avoid going outside except for urgent reasons.

Bucharest Herald

Grandmother says the 19 snakes infesting her house were brought by a grandson who wants to make her give up her house. link


Gold and Silver is going higher and higher! So why is the Forbes Investor Newsletter shouting SELL! SELL! SELL!? vid


1001 Nights is the name for the superbug that was first identified in Saudi Arabia. It has spread to all continents. Early symptoms: chest pain, stomach pain, diarrhea, headaches, and dizziness. Advanced symptoms: ulcerating black-ish boils across the whole body. link


More UFOs Sightings?! Join us for our live chat about the annual Perseid Meteor Shower. link

Media: Digital Art

Artist: Madalina Cristea

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Madalina Cristea

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Book of Carrot: Chapter 2.1 by Stan Faryna

May 18, 2011

This is a continuation of the posts originally titled, An Untitled Novel About The Long Road of Hope.

[ Chapter 1.1 is here. ]

Chapter 2.1.1

Forty Acres of Pristine Paradise – Mule Not Included

05 July 2023

The B52s, Rock Lobster, started to play in John’s ear set.

B52s, Rock Lobster


John woke up. Cristina was sleeping; her head rested on his shoulder. He played his social messages.

Ok. Playing Social Messages from 04 July 2023 from 4:58 am in reverse order.

Bucharest Herald

A Belgian student has sold her virginity in an online auction for the equivalent of £45,000. The 21-year-old named only as Noelle put her body up for sale on the Amsterdam-based Yantra escort girl site in March, the Daily Mail writes. link


There is no objective reality. There is nothing outside of you that doesn’t come from inside you. You always get what you are looking for. Everything is subjective. So what are you creating? Hell on earth? Or paradise?! You own paradise. It’s always been yours. Read the rest of this entry »

An Untitled Novel About the Road of Hope: Chapter 1.6

April 26, 2011

Chapter 1.6.1

[ Chapter 1.1 is here. ]

Hope and despair will be mistaken for each other. But, in fact, despair is the opposite of hope. It is a vice that stirs men and women to terrible action. Murder. And not just sometimes. Because despair pleads with us to explore the empty promises of gluttony, greed and all the other deadly sins. By any and all means necessary.

Because the road of hope is longer than the legs of our pride, folly and wicked designs.

Some will mistake a road of despair for a road of hope because, for most of us, the roads wind together in our braided journey. The former is a violent and noisy road. It is a dark, angry and lonely road. That road of despair is paved with the unevenly worn and broken cobblestones of envy, jealousy and bitter disappointment.

The road of despair wearies the foot, cracks the heel, turns ankles, stubs the toe, and consumes our feet with dust and painful reminders.

– Dio Read the rest of this entry »