The Hero School Review: Magik, Phoenix Flare, Phoenix Pinion and More

October 1, 2012

The Hero School Review: Magik, Phoenix Flare, Phoenix Pinion and More

Captain America

Credits: Concept by Stan Faryna. Artwork by Tabitha Moon.


T H E   H E R O   S C H O O L   R E V I E W     I S S U E   NO.  5


The Review for Gold Gear, Heros, Uniforms and Loot in Playdom’s Marvel Avengers Alliance Game for Facebook and

Edited by Stan Faryna

Beauty School Drop Out from the Motion Picture, Grease

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What Disney-Playdom can teach you about the value of bad customer service

May 28, 2012

An unbelievable, true story…

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Recently, I experienced a payment error with the Disney Interactive Media Group via Facebook. I submitted an electronic support request. Seven days later this is the reply that I received:

We would like to invite you to give us feedback regarding ticket # 1604393.

You can give feedback by taking this brief survey:

We look forward to hearing from you, 
Playdom Game Services

The survey asked me how I rate their customer service. Really.

John Lennon, Power To The People

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Marvel: Avengers Alliance Start Guide. Best Facebook Game Yet

May 15, 2012

Avengers Alliance: Marvel Social Gaming Universe Starts With a Big Bang

You are here: Guide for Levels 0-10
For Levels 11-30, smite thine enemy
For Levels 31-40, Tacitus speaketh
For Levels 41-53, get the job done
For Levels 54-65, can you rock & rolla? 

2014: Currently playing Blizzard’s Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Read about that here.


by Stan Faryna

Best Facebook Game Yet

Marvel: Avengers Alliance is a turn-based social game on Facebook featuring dozens of the most legendary of comic book superheroes including Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, The Invisible Woman, Wolverine, Ms. Marvel, and many more. From deep space, a great pulse of energy slams into the Earth. As an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, you will recruit superheroes, send your heroes on missions, research technologies you to need for the fights, stop the bad guys and their evil schemes, and save Manhattan (and the world) from destruction.

This walk through, guide, cheats or whatever you want to call it should help you get from level 0 to 10 without pain or SSOF (Slapping Self On Forehead). Like my Facebook Fan Page and I can keep you updated on the game guides I write and the Facebook games I play.

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The Avengers Trailer 2012 Movie

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Facebook Games, The Grapes of Wrath, And a World of We

March 30, 2011

Oh – The Grapes of Wrath are spreading across Facebook Games like Kudzu

Social Games

Wildly embraced initially, Facebook games have become a huge disappointment to players. Hundreds of millions of farms have been abandoned, crops have withered, propeller capped sheep are on the verge of extinction, and farmers aren’t talking to their friends. The good news is that the flood of game-related wall spam has passed. But it didn’t just happen to Farmville. It happened across the board; Facebook games are failing to retain and entertain a restless market of 500+ Million Facebook gamers.

Game industry experts like Playdom Creative Director David Rohrl somehow got it wrong about what casual game play should be in a social game. As Rohrl himself noted, the social gaming space is not straightforward. One of the obvious fails was that social game companies fell into trap of thinking that graphics can substitute for game play. If only that were true, the economics would be unreal! On the other hand, players wanted more cuteness. They demanded it in the forums. Clicks confirmed it.

Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, however, cautioned against falling into the rut of crowd sourcing. “If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have told me, ‘A faster horse,’” observed the American industrialist. According to Jay Elliot, Ford’s caution is often quoted by Steve Jobs, founder of Apple. Read the rest of this entry »

Zynga blocks Farmer Andrew Trader from selling pig slop

March 28, 2011

Some farms are not for sale

Alpha Investment LLC, an Abu Dhabi company, is suing Zynga, a Facebook Game company, for Zynga’s attempt to block it’s purchase of shares from Zynga co-founder Andrew Trader.

Zynga, known for popular Facebook games such as Farmville, Cityville, Mafia Wars, etc. isn’t talking about why they’ve given Trader the boot. But it’s obvious that the parting was not friendly considering Zynga didn’t offer to buy Farmer Trader’s shares. Nor is Zynga allowing him to sell his shares to the Abu Dhabi company.

Alpha Investment is understandably upset, but this may be a boon in disguise. Zynga has some significant challenges to overcome before they can round third base and come home for a Billion dollar valuation. The Facebook game honeymoon is over, player defection exceeds registrations, and, frankly, Facebookers are getting tired of the pathetic, poor game play.

What about Playdom?

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Social City: Cheats, Bugs or Bust 1.1

July 28, 2010

Below, Paul Simon performing Graceland at a South African concert in Zimbabwe:

Looking for CastleVille cheats, a Castleville guideCar Town cheatsGo Fishing cheats or Marvel Avengers Alliance walk throughs? Click the orange text links.


Saving Graceland

Graceland is in trouble!

Stan’s town needs your help.

Oh Noes!

The game they got going in Social City is as deep as a puddle. Nevermind the toxic, oily (but pretty) rainbow shimmer of the new Tudor Mayoral Estate. I think Billy got knocked around there once. Or twice. Billy who? Billy Shakespeare, of course. But that’s just a rumor – mind you.

The Mayor of Graceland is considering resignation. And Graceland will be no more. It will fall apart. Factories will grind to a halt and the people of Graceland will get laid off. Public services will stop. People will move out. There will be rioting mimes. Killer robots. Cute kittens left in trees. Fires in the historic downtown. Potholes that swallow whole cars.

Organize a rescue mission!

Your reward should be something like 100 Gazillion City Bucks.

Maybe, it should be a lot more. But heck, they only offered 100 City Bucks to the contest winner who came up with the most popular building to add to the “store”. That’s comes out to about 5 bucks for which you may or may not be taxed. Brian Drake, Playdom’s Social City Community Manager, must think we all live in a low population, under-developed village in India or South America- if they can imagine that we could appreciate the symbolic value of that prize.

A truly symbolic reward would be 1000 City Bucks and it would include credit to the lucky guy or girl in the object information. That credit would include their F/B pic and a working link to their F/B account. Better still, there should be 20 winners – not just one. Because, most likely, they will eventually use more than 20 object suggestions – if not hundreds.

Anyway, what’s up with the five bucks?

Is that what they are paying to sweat shops in India, South America or China for all those Social City goodies they want to raffle off and sell to us? <grin> It’s not unheard of! Read the rest of this entry »