Link whores, sluts and pimps- Oh my!

March 1, 2008

Five cent tour of Bablion:

The ambiguous and prolific guidelines for building traffic to a website, blog or other online activity leads to mistakes, dark suspicions and a volatile Web 2.0. Questions of right and wrong are debated, people argue unnecessarily, flame wars break out, and an unfortunate humor about it all evolves into sometimes funny and sometimes hurtful pejoratives and slurs such as ‘link whore’ and ‘slut’. Such disreputable and despicable slurs are last things you want to accomplish with your online marketing strategy.

Whores, sluts and pimps

The term, ‘link whore’, sounds adult, sexy, dirty, despicable, and disreputable. Link whores are alternatively referred to as link sluts OR, more commonly, sluts.

Most likely, you or your company wouldn’t like to be refered to as a link whore. Or slut- whatever your gender or business (escort companies, of course, might enjoy such fun). Unless you happen to be kinky.

Or, unless, you drove a Ferarri, Brabus super-car or pimped Dacia… chilled out in the VIP only section of five star restaurants and clubs like Fratelli… drew bugs on your quantum-processing laptop- while ignoring beautiful specimens of the opposite sex trying to engage you in flirtatious conversations and rewarding business opportunities.

Who cares what people say about you when you have all that!
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