Coulson’s Folly: Marvel Avengers Alliance Levels 41-53. Silver and Gold Links.

June 5, 2012

Talk (all you want) after you got the job done.

You are here: Marvel Avengers Allaince Guide for Levels 41 to 53.
For Levels 54-65, can you rock & rolla?
For Levels 31-40, gird thee up thy loins
For Levels 11-30, smite thine enemies
For Levels 0-10, ride thunder express

by Stan Faryna

Just Fight

Agent Coulson’s folly was to to talk first. He should have shot Loki and then took the kiddos out for a beer. But then that wouldn’t have been much of movie (Marvel Avengers).
You’re not making a movie here, so get the job done. In other words, level up Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man to 11 by Agent Level 50. In addition, if you can get Spiderman and Hulk to Level 9 by 53, you rock. Everything else is a distraction. Forget the research until you hit Agent Level 65. Send out those Remote Ops. Make Silver. Make silver like there’s no tomorrow. You’ll need it to train your heroes up.
Just fight. PVP. PVE.
Iron Maiden, The Trooper
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