Meditations on Bucuresti: haiku, reflections and observations

March 15, 2008

When I first visited Romania in 2000, I began writing haiku to capture my reflections and observations of Romania, Romanian life and the Romanian people. I continue to do so. Below is a small, assorted sampler from my growing collection of haiku, tentatively titled Meditations on Bucuresti.

I do not know why I ultimately stayed with the haiku form for this personal project. In fact, I would have preferred the Shakespearean sonnet- it would permit me more words. Perhaps, I believed the haiku would help me develop a sense of pith. If you have read my posts, however, you’ll have the impression that I still need to work on this.

And I would share the same conclusion with you.

Honestly, I don’t believe my haiku are masterful- nothing like a flash of lightning in a summer cloud. I consider myself a shabby apprentice of the art, producing uninspiring mediocrity. However, I aspire to become a master of both haiku and haiga (where haiku and visual art come together). This takes time and practice. And, maybe, many years.

Beyond the formal sound count (not syllablic) structure of 5-7-5, good haiku is forceful. Good Haiku puts you there in the moment – and in the feeling. Perhaps, in the image. Haiku by the Japanese master, Basho, is often considered a forceful and popular example of haiku at its finest. Some of his haiku was joined with visual decoration (Bashon comes to mind) and represent some of the most beautiful haiga out there.

Hopefully, I will improve my art in time and, perhaps, you will join me in this journey, putting up with my mediocre work in progress. If, on the other hand, you can’t stand it, rate it poorly in the Buzzfuse widget and tell me to stop in the Buzzfuse comments. If I can’t take a hint, tell me in a direct and straight-forward manner and, theoretically, I shall relieve you of your suffering. [sheepish smile]

Below, a little Romanian folk Christmas Carol to cleanse the palette.





inexplicable irony, 2007


Beauty, truth, goodness

smiling on kissable lips.

Nothing in the kiss.

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