New moby album coming out, last night

February 22, 2008

Five cent tour for Patsaks:

Moby’s sixth studio album, Last Night, is scheduled to be released this year on March 31st (UK) & April 1st (USA). Find the link below to download the sampler. Also see the official video for Disco Lies, a track from the soon to be released album. Before you go get some, kick it with me and hear me out on why I think moby is a Poli-fluential and what he should “do for his country” (think Kennedy).

Is Moby a Poli-fluential?

“One of electronic music’s most visible and talked-about figures by far,” Moby has a social network of tens of thousands of fans, worldwide. He is highly opinionated about politics and he communicates his political opinions to his fans via his journal at his highly trafficked website,

If he gets excited enough about the Presidential race, his passionate advocacy for a candidate can have impact.

Yes, I see a star. Moby is a poli-fluential too.
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Thomas Sowell, Media, Politics and Idiocracy

February 13, 2008

Five cent tour in Bablion:

Things have changed; the Press has a new role in society- Media for advertising and marketing. As Thomas Sowell notes, The Press is not doing it’s duty. The good news is that New Media has replaced the advertising Media machine for unfiltered viewpoint and opinion.

The internet is a marketplace of opinion and views where people tell it like they see it and offer their personal opinion. Blogging and social networks are an example. And that thing that was The Press has become something else, an advertising Media machine. Soon enough, I regret that we all may be assimilated and retasked to the greatest unintended integrated marketing strategy ever. Unless we can keep the high ground of New Media.

Thomas Sowell on Media and Politics

Thomas Sowell writes this week about the Media and Politics. He makes an excellent example of Geoffrey Dawson at The Times of London in the 1930s. Dawson, Sowell explains, “filtered” the news in an effort to encourage peace after so much pain from the First World War, and thereby, unintentionally, downplayed the dangers of Hitler.

Sowell reminds us that journalists have a duty to tell the public “the truth as they see it and to offer their honest opinion as to what it means.”
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