I never meant to do you wrong. #sorry

July 14, 2011

I can get so caught up in my dreams, inspirations, and the work. Even in destiny. I can get so caught up in that sticky spider web of my aspirations and intentions – so caught up that I lose sight of my nearest duty.

What do I mean by the nearest duty? My friend Thomas Waterhouse of Simple Encouragement describes a nearest duty as a smile or a touch. Or it could also be the act of simply being available to you by listening to you with my full attention.

Coldplay, Trouble

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Book of Carrot: Chapter 2.3 by Stan Faryna

May 26, 2011

This is a continuation of the posts originally titled, An Untitled Novel About The Long Road of Hope.

[ Chapter 1.1 is here. ]

Chapter 2.3.1

All for one and one for all!

Grace, Max and Lumi reviewed the different footage of the incident as captured by the K-9 units. Eight videos were being projected simultaneously on the wall of the living room of their Sanctuary apartment.

They hadn’t gone down for dinner. In fact, they had missed lunch as well. They just weren’t hungry. They all felt a little dizzy, a little sick to their stomachs, and they had headaches.

“Everything is different now…” Grace said as tears flowed down her cheeks. “We only have each other now – this is what’s left of the world. This is it! Things aren’t going to go back to the way it was…” Read the rest of this entry »