Yes, we can- to the cause of Freedom.

February 15, 2008

This patsak will finally admit that for nth time, I have viewed’s video for The Yes We Can Song. Based on an inspiring speech by Senator Barack Obama at a New Hampshire event, the video amplified the inspiration and it has went viral at warp speed.

The video is a masterpiece. It’s from the heart. It’s art., front man for hip hop phenomenon Black Eyed Peas and Director Jesse Dylan are media masters- will’s success in music already says as much. As a musical artist, will has demonstrated a strong feel for the pulse of a generation several times. The video has the the ingredients to move people to action. In my humble opinion, you can’t get better viral than this. schools Ogilvy – all of the big ad agencies, in fact. Naturally, Republicans and Hillary Clinton are not very happy about this triumph.



Senator Obama, a Democrat, served eight years in the Illinois State Senate and since 2005 as a U.S. Senator for Illinois. Among his many achievements, he was the first African American president of the Harvard Law Review. As everyone knows, Obama is running for president and Obama’s candidacy for president is endorsed up and down from celebrities to senators including Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA). Described as a socialist by the right and all talk by Hillary Clinton, “the Illinois prophet” speaks clearly and down-to-earth with powerful words and wisdom like a Baptist minister.

What is surprising is that his mix of spiritual and political message does not seem to be offending liberals. Often quoting the bible by verse and number, he is an evangelist that speaks often about human dignity, empathy and compassion for our fellow man- not to mention the possibility of change, of healing America and repairing the world.

Yes, we can.

Here’s the message that I left on that blog:

I’m going to suspend my disappointment, suspicion, disillusionment and hesitation. gave something strong from his heart and from his hope. We all need to give something strong from our heart and hope- if we are to change.

That change must be that we will join together in a common cause and hope as one people and one nation to further pursue the cause of Freedom.

This does not mean that I or you should abandon what we believe as individuals to be true, good and beautiful.

We must follow our conscience, each of us, but we must also work together and speak together because there are things that we can agree upon and accomplish together.

And, together, we can believe again that we are one people, one nation and one will for a common good, for a DREAM, and a freedom that embraces responsibility.

Here’s something from my heart and my hope to you…

Yes, we can.

Stan Faryna
Editor-in-chief of “Black and Right: The Bold New Voice of Black Conservatives in America” (Praeger, 1996)
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