Murder will not silence us. A guest post by @Soulati.

October 26, 2011

Freedom of Expression in Mexico or Decapitation 

By Jayme Soulati

Johnny Cash, When the Man Comes Around

Foreword by Stan Faryna

There are three things that make life unquestioningly interesting, memorable, and awesome: the Beautiful, the Good, and the True. Our experiences of these three things may differ, but when a person or community feels these things to be under threat, our sympathy reaches across borders, cultures, and distance – so long as we still heave hearts. Some of us are even willing to put ourselves at risk in order to speak out. To be sure, there is a power in words spoken from the heart.

Maria Elizabeth Macias spoke out against evil. And she was killed and beheaded for speaking directly to evil. But her voice continues to ring with hope – long after her death. Murder will not silence truth, goodness, or beauty. Nor do gulags, concentration camps, or prisons silence them.

Jayme Soulati and thousands of others carry Maria’s voice in their hearts and they share her story with others. Maria’s voice grows more powerful. It has become a cry to heaven and a call to action. I hope that you too will carry Maria’s voice in your heart and join us in beseeching heaven for justice to come rolling down like thunder. Everywhere. For all.

Thank you, Jayme.

Stan Faryna
Bucharest, Romania
26 October 2011
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