Are you a princess? And other social media DOHs! Five Minute Therapy

What is a princess?

Does a hat make a princess? Because the wedding of Princess Beatrice seemed to be all about the hat.

I’m serious! I quickly typed, What is a princess?, into Google and the search results were all about princess hats. Pages and pages about the teletubby-ish antenna she wore to the wedding.

Ok, I can admit that the “w” didn’t register on the key punch. But I think the universe was trying to tell me something. [grin]

But if not a hat makes a princess, how about diamond encrusted pumps? Carrie of Sex In The City thought so. Manolo Blahnik to be specific!

Journey, Don’t Stop Believing

The heart searches for other things.

Wikipedia’s definition of a princess is ambiguous at best. Actually, Wikipedia didn’t give me anything that hinted at the kind of answer for which my own heart was searching.

So I returned to Google’s search page. Apparently, the only result on page one that promised to give an answer – pure, deep, and true- was an Amazon page for Disney’s What Is a Princess? Now I have to order the children’s book.

Because beyond rank and title, privilege, and pomp, only Disney might know something about what a true princess is.

Are you a princess?

In the nick of time, I found a youtube video of a young lady reading from the same authoritative Disney book on princess-ness. It’s here.

This is what Disney has to say about princesses:

A princess is kind, smart, and caring. A princess prefers a simple, natural elegance when the occasion requires her to dress up. She is not so sophisticated that she can not have simply good time. A princess is unafraid to open her heart to the world and discover its wonders, beauty, and goodness.

A princess is also brave, polite, and, most importantly, she lives happily ever after.


If I remember anything from the stories and movies about princesses, I also remember that princesses are poor in spirit, meek, and they hunger for righteousness. They are merciful, pure in heart, and, perhaps, peace-makers. Princesses are unafraid to speak truth to the wicked and they stand up when they face persecution, insult, and false accusations.

And, you know what is really interesting about this? In fact, a princess embodies the beatitudes that Christ spoke of in his Sermon on the Mount. It’s in the Gospel of Matthew. See Matthew 5:1-11.

Princesses, in other words, are saints with privileges. And the emphasis is on her sanctity, dignity, and purity – not the evening gown, her ride, or the five star accommodations.

Who wants to be a princess?

Cinderella’s step-sisters were not princesses, but they believed they had every right to be princesses.

Of course, everyone wants the title, rank, and privilege without the dignity, virtue, and faith of a princess. It would be easier – if it were that way. The way of a princess, however, is not less arduous than the way of the saint.

What must be understood is that a princess is a leader in formation. A princess will become a queen. And a queen is a leader. And a leader is a servant of the people, a protector, and a comfort to them.

A queen leads her people with love, hope, and faith. She is a light unto the world. And salt of the earth. She leads her people in prayer, supposition, and mercy. She stays the hands of ambition, greed, and corruption. Sometimes, even with a fury that hell hath not.

A queen uplifts her people and her nation, she gives life to culture and tradition, and she champions the hungry, the poor, the sick, the old, and the dying. Like a lion!

Do you really want to be a princess?

Are you ready to accept your destiny with its trials, sacrifices, and tests, princess?

For if you are, a champion will serve you. With all the trials, sacrifices, and tests of serving you. But not until you accept and live your destiny. As a princess!

And before you know it, false princes will come around to tempt you with Swavorovski encrusted slippers. But you’ll know better- because you are a princess.

Don’t stop believing. Hold on to that feeling.

Stan Faryna
12 July 2011
Bucharest, Romania


2 Responses to Are you a princess? And other social media DOHs! Five Minute Therapy

  1. Since you’re asking me whether I want to be a princess, and not a prince, I’m going to say, no, I do not want to be a princess. 😉

    I’ve been intrigued by how much princesses have gone main stream. I don’t know if you have Toys r Us over there, but they have huge sections devoted to princess gear. Dresses, tiaras, wands, the works.

    It’s quite frightening to think of how all these girls are going to grow up. After dating a few princesses (in name only, not title), they all wanted the world handed to them on a silver platter and would not accept anything less. Certainly not the kind of woman I should be dating, and not the kind of woman I want my daughter to become as she grows older.

    But how do you raise a girl while all her friends are going to be consumed by the Disney princess phenomena (not to mention her mother, and their mothers) ?

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