Social Savvy: How to walk in beauty through the forest of these words.

Social Savvy: How to walk in beauty through the forest of these words.

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

MC Hammer, U Can’t Touch This

I hate my last blog post about Facebook and expertise. Hate it! Because it has no medicine in it. That’s what I told Betsy Cross.
I’m not saying that I didn’t bring insight, inside information, and honesty, because I did bring that and more. It may be useful. But it does not serve.

I am devastated by a total failure to illuminate therein, where the beautiful, good, and true juxtapose with our everyday, our challenges, and our heart’s desire.

I’d like to take it off my blog. It and, perhaps, two hundred other blog posts. All of which have no medicine.

But then I think to myself, those blog posts will better serve me where they stand. Like garden gnomes. As reminders of how easy it is to fail to serve my own passion and my purpose. Those miserable blog posts will keep me humble and remind me that self-defeat is the easiest thing. And the hardest.

There’s also three thousand or more impudent tweets – each one an individual serving of humble pie.
character count: 100

Perhaps, the Library of Congress has archived them for the amusement of junior intelligence officers. Or a misguided fan of my science fiction novels. Yet to be.

And, yes, I will make the same mistake on Pinterest. Just as I see everyone else making that mistake. What the hell are we doing in social media, anyway? Taking out the trash?! Or are we creating trash?

One way or the other – we’re doing more trash than the good speak, heart to heart.

A social media schedule is a hampster wheel. Bill Dorman said it. It’s spin going nowhere. Faster.
character count: 99

Borrowing the phrase from Dr. Jack King: I want to walk in beauty through the forest of these words.
character count: 100

word count: 300

Stan Faryna
27 February 2012
Bucharest, Romania


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8 Responses to Social Savvy: How to walk in beauty through the forest of these words.

  1. Betsy Cross says:

    HAHA! I’m so behind in trying to catch up on reading …I go from my email to Tribber, to the Facebook post and then I follow the link at the bottom (because I see my name…yes, I’m shallow! LOL!) and you ask what are we doing! I’m a hampster on a wheel with a three year-old James sitting at my feet waiting to take a walk! HA!
    Like I explained to my mom just mins ago…social media is social. That’s it. End of story. I see an evolution of sorts into social media niches…at least for me. New platforms where I can be social online and off in my niche. Working it out! AND I’M WORN OUT!! But happy.
    James calls…I’m so happy there are others online to enjoy my rant! We all need someone to talk to.:)

  2. alaskachick says:

    Stan… You know I’m not a game-minded individual.. (I can see your pitying stare…right behind Zach’s) But I don’t think you have ever written anything like those scarey-freaky-pointless-garden gnomes (who started that, anyhow?).

    I’m with Betsy… I am so busy I don’t know if I found a rope or lost my horse! I am trying to keep up, learn the new stuff, focus in, keep me out of it ALL, everyone around here is playing pass the illness, I miss my little Alaska Chicklet (she’s visiting Daddy and Momma Dannie and sisters…few more days)… Worn out, the shine is showing tarnish… happy but worried.

    I feel lately that I am walking through a mine field. I learn my lessons well, (so I say) but still…I don’t think everyone was given the same rule book…

    “There is no such thing as free”… this statement makes my eyes well with tears. It was said in re: of help a “friend” (quotes because this friend has never touched my hand or heard my voice in person…yes, this is a friend I met and made online) offered me… no discussion of invoices or billing or contracts… just ’cause.


  3. Stan Faryna says:

    Deep breaths!

    Zach rocks, I just have to say.

    There is no such thing as free. But there is love. And love is better than free could ever be. [grin]

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  5. Yipes Stan, lighten up on yourself…writing is writing and the more WE do the more better we’ll get, even wtih gramer and slpling!

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  7. cure yeast infection…

    Social Savvy: How to walk in beauty through the forest of these words. « The unofficial blog of Stan Faryna…

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