The Greatest Show on Earth is on Andaman road

The Greatest Show on Earth is on Andaman road

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

“I think I see something moving in the trees!” Dana gasped and pointed to a group of nearby trees as the tour bus inched down Andaman road.

George threw a bunch of bananas through his open window. Two young Jarawa scampered from behind bushes to the bananas laying at the side of road. Their eyes looked so full of joy. Dana snapped pictures with her iPhone.

The Jarawa young clicked and chanted. They stretched out their little hands and moved their fingers as if squeezing fruit.

“OMG!” said Dana. “I think they want more, George.

They’re trying to communicate with us! Do you see how they move their fingers? It’s so cute how they do it!”

A third Jarawa young appeared. He was holding an empty two liter plastic bottle of Coca Cola. He started to dance. His little black penis jiggled as he danced for the people on the bus.

“Do you think they like Coke?” George wondered outloud.

He took a last sip of cola and threw the half full can out the window. Cola exploded from the can and the three Jarawa dove for it. The victor pushed his lips forward against the top of the upside-down can to catch the last drops of Cola.

George laughed.

A thin, old Indian man with black skin and pink lips started yelling at George in perfect British English.

“Are all Europeans so primitive in your consciousness? These are human children. You are the animal. The Jarawa are not monkeys!”

“Mind your own business,” George replied. “We paid 100 Euro each for our seats. We’re all here for the show.

Are you here for something else?”

The old man smiled as he continued to point the video recorder at George’s face.


Stan Faryna
22 April 2012
Bucharest, Romania


This flash fiction is based on a real life photo safari. It was inspired by a short documentary about the stone-age, Jarawa tribe that live in India’s Andaman Islands.

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