The Watchmen: Hot Trending Topic on Google

The Watchmen: Hot Trending Topic on Google

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

While I do pay attention to trending topics on Google, I never intentionally write to them. Not until today. Among the hot trending topics today is colorectal cancer (bowel cancer), think like a man, justin beiber, watchmen, and mother’s day. None of today’s hot trending topics were immediately interesting to me as a subject to write about. Ok, I’ll admit that the watchmen did pique my curiosity. [grin]

The word invokes change, unrest, danger, fear, and hope. Perhaps, also, community, responsibility, and service. The word, watchmen, seems as old as literature itself.

I have posted watchmen on your walls, O Jerulsalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest, and give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth. Isaiah 67:6-7

Trailer for the the 2009 movie, The Watchmen.

Did you see the movie? Is it a must see?

I haven’t seen it yet. But I did see Peter Stebbings 2009 Movie, Defendor. Just last night! And I have to say that it was way better than the Hunger Games. To be honest, I haven’t been wowed by Hollywood lately.

Unfortunately, IMDb’s description of Defendor sucks. In fact, never mind the reviews. Because if you believe in love, truth, justice, and the American way, you must rent, rip, or buy Defendor.

Trailer for the the 2009 movie, Defendor.

Woody Harrelson (Woodrow Tracy Harrelson) is spectacular as Defendor, aka Arthur Poppington. I was pleasantly surprised by his performance – considering that I wasn’t a Harrelson fan. But now I’m thinking that I want to see Harrelson as the next Batman.

As my friend John Magnet Bell writes, “Batman is about restoring a broken self by dealing pain to [evil-doers].” And after seeing Harrelson’s performance as Defendor, I can imagine that Harrelson’s Batman will be infinitely more believable and compelling than Christian Bale,  Michael KeatonGeorge Clooney or Val Kilmer.

Bale, Keaton, Clooney, and Val are not made of the stuff of watchmen. If you know the Night’s Watch that man The Wall (Game of Thrones), George R. R. Martin’s characterization of the people that guard against the end of the world is superb. If I were to be generous, however, Bale, Keaton, Clooney, and Val may fit the merry repose of watchmen in Rembrandt’s painting, Night Watch – a painting which I have seen with my own eyes (several times) on my visits to Amsterdam.

All of which brings me back to my disappointment in The Hunger Games – despite Harrelson’s two bit role. Maybe, I’m just angry because it was a $100+ event: Four seats at $10 each. Soda, popcorn or nachos, and candy – another $10 each. And then parking for two cars and Starbucks drinks for four.

The Hunger Games movie had an opportunity to inspire the young hearted to change the world, to live truthfully, and rebuild a world in the shape of their hearts. Instead, the message to the young is to survive, keep your mouth shut, and play by the broken rules of a broken world. It failed to make youth relevant.

All of which makes me wonder about my blog here. Do I serve you? Do you see the things I see on my watch? Are they interesting to you?

Unlike a jaunt to the cinema, blog reading is free and you can make yourself a cup of coffee or tea to keep you company. But do you click away with something you want to think about or feel. Or was it a waste of your five minutes (or fifteen)?

I know I don’t hit the high notes enough. I’m always forgetting to take you along on my puddle stomping tour. Instead, I bring all the gravity, foreboding, and augury of a watchman. My recipe may be a recipe for blog failure. However heroic, watchmen may be the greatest of bores. If so, Jack will have to update his blog post and add gravity to the list of not to dos.

Are you ever pleasantly surprised by my non-linear parade of blog posts? Or does my eclectic adventure try your patience? Did you love my flash fiction about Andaman road?

I ask because this is blog post number 300 on this particular blog platform. It’s not what I wanted to write for such a momentous occasion. I wanted to write something that would wow you, uplift you, and remind you that you matter. In fact, I thought this was blog post number 299 as I pushed publish. [laughing]

Should I stop, slow down, do a do-over, or keep going with this blog? What do you think? Speak up – this is your chance to save the world from me! [grin]

Prince, Batdance


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9 Responses to The Watchmen: Hot Trending Topic on Google

  1. Hello Stan.
    You know how I feel about this blog. But, I will state that case again.
    I’m fed up with lists of how to… something. Boring stuff for the most part, insipid for the rest. Blogs could be a source of more: more ideas, more humanity, more social involvement, more…
    At this blog, you get the whole colouring box, and I appreciate that!
    I know more for about things that I need to know about coming here. I enjoy the time spent here.
    Don’t change, except for a development of the way you already are!
    It isn’t a case of whether a blog rocks or some other modern description. It is a case of what a blog rocks, and you rock the idea of what blogging can and should be.
    I’m not always up to what you are covering; but I am always taken on the journey, willingly and often unwillingly.
    Keep going Mr.Pipps!

  2. Ann Jane says:

    Oh keep going..I love the uniqueness of your blog. It’s always a joy to pop in and see where your mind went twisting…*grin

  3. billdorman says:

    Rock on sir; yes you are eclectic, learned, witty, deep, faithful, loyal, international, etc, etc, etc. Roll it all together and it makes Stan Stan and compelling. You are a man of many talents and the biggest challenge I have with you, @TheJackB and @spinsucks are the volume of your posts. Being the social critter that I am, sometimes it’s hard for me to dig deep and truly appreciate the gifts you have to offer.

    That is my story for today and I’m sticking with it……..

  4. Stan Faryna says:

    I may be able to get a deal in Romania for a Honda self-pulling mower for you, Bill. Shipping will be the sumbich, however.

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