Go Fishing Start Guide and Cheats. And a social media DOH!

All you ever wanted to know about social games: Go Fishing

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Fishers of Men [and Women]

Before I get into my walk-through of Go Fishing, the Facebook game, I have to say that Go Fishing reminds me of the social media game where real people hope to… catch followers, fans, and friends AND become influential to those real people. The waiting for fish to bite, trying new bait, hooks, lines and equipment, it’s a powerful metaphor for what millions of people are doing in social. Some will figure out the cheats, others will apply mad hours to social, and most people just give up – eventually. If you get on the leader board of social, however, there may be a pot of real cash on the other side of the rainbow. It makes me wonder why more people aren’t doing social.

Social is as good a time sink as any Facebook game. Right? [grin]

Henry David Thoreau wrote:

Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.

There is truth here to reflect upon. For the “Go Fishing” fisherman, fishers of men, and social media fans.

Louis Armstrong and Bing Cosby, Gone Fishin’

Go Fishing Walk Through

Go Fishing is a Facebook Game where you fish scenic spots on Lake Michigan and, perhaps, beyond. Select and upgrade your equipment, tackle and baits, catch fish, choose your fishing spots, complete quests, compete against other players, and beat the records to become a champion fisherman. It’s the competitive fishing, of course, that is the most dynamic aspect in this game.

1. How do you catch a fish?

Equip your rod and press CAST. Keep your eye on the float to see when a fish nibbles at your bait. Once a fish nibble, hit the green STRIKE button and reel in your fish. To successfully land your fish, press and release (many times) the PULL button ONLY when the tension bar is in the green zone.

Warning: If the tension indicator goes into the red on the left or right end of the tension bar… too may times, you’ll lose the fish, a hook, or something worse may happen.

Watch the sucky and short video tutorial.

2. Go Fishing Quests

Quests will help, but they don’t tell you how to do things. Here’s a beginner’s primer.

a. Go to a new fishing spot by clicking on the map icon (left side of screen) and selecting a fishing spot.

b. Sell fish and things from your inventory by clicking on the backpacks and net icon and select items you want to sell.

c. Buy equipment, tackle, etc. by clicking on the cash register.

d. Change the bait, hook, and line you are fishing with by clicking the same icons (bottom right) until the item you want to use is showing.

3. Go Fishing Tournaments

Tournaments are a good way to level, make coin and experience, and – if you’re a master fisherman – win prizes (pearls, exp, coin, and items). Tournaments, indeed, are the heart beat of Go Fishing.

Go Fishing Tips

Below are helpful tips to get you started on your career as a professional fisherman.

1. Lustrous Pearls

Don’t spend those pearls. You’ll need a lot of them when your higher levels.

2. Fishing Gear

Better hooks, lines, and bait pulls bigger and higher value (coins and exp) fish.

3. Fishing Friends

Add 100 friends as quickly as you can without getting suspended. You need the gifts and the bonuses from the friend feed – especially at the lower levels.

4. Landing Fish

Work on your click skills with the tension bar. If you can keep it in the green AND click on and off on the blue, you’ll land fish faster, you’ll lose less tackle, and you’ll preserve your tackle and rod longer (they wear out with use).

5. Brain Share

Get into the best Go Fishing Facebook group, Da Bait Shop. You’ll learn lots from the best players in Go Fishing. ADD me on Facebook, add me in Go Fishing AND like my Facebook fan page, and I’ll add you to the group. Please add “Go Fishing” to your add request.


Go Fishing Cheats

1. Rush Fishing Tournament

Get from level 5 to 8 and 1000 (more or less) coin in the least amount of game time by participating in four Rush Fishing Tournaments at Lake Michigan. Try to catch a minimum of 60 fish during each Tournament and you’ll get to 8 without a hitch.

Two hours before each competition, go to Still Water and drop Breadcrumb Fish Chum (100 coins). Close the game and do something else until the competition starts. Bring a “Landing net 5”, 60 bread, 60 worms, three line 3s, five hook 1.5s to make sure you get the most from this.

2. Unique Fish

Change the line, hook, and bait every now and then. This will increase your chances to hook and land unique fish.

3. Auto Collect Bonuses

Use Auto Collect Bonuses to collect bonuses from your friends’ feeds. Set it to collect every 20 seconds.


Legendary Go Fishing Players

Feel free to message me on Facebook and let me know about awesome Go Fishing players. If they rock, I’ll list them.

Tony Adams

Ric Callahan

Jef Jefsnor

Petro Tokaryuk

David Witt

Go Fishing Links

Feel free to message me on Facebook and let me know about awesome Go Fishing links. If they rock, I’ll list them.

Go Fishing: The Facebook Game

Go Fishing Fan Page on Facebook

Go Fishing Forum

Good Fishing Songs

1. Talkin Heads, Take Me to the River

2. Doc Watson, Deep River Blues

3. Dr. John, I’m goin’ fishin’

Stan Faryna
10 May 2012
Bucharest, Romania


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