Car Town Start Guide and Cheats: Get Your Game On

All you ever wanted to know about social games: Car Town

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

Car Town

Car Town is a Facebook game about customizing and building your garage (service shop), hiring friends, racing cars, pimping your rides, and lots more. This is a game mostly for the guys- but not just the guys. According to Sean Hawes, Cie may soon expand Car Town into a multi-world game.

Services, races, etc. give experience and in game coin. More friends, higher levels, and more coin will allow you to unlock better paying jobs, better cars, garage expansions, and more.

Steppenwolf, Born To Be Wild

What’s cool about this game?

1. Pimping your ride

Some people pay real money for custom designed car skins by real life graphic designers.

2. Racing

Build the best car you can build and put it to the test.

3. You can advertise in game

You can make advertisement-skins for some of your cars and other players will see them.

Start Guide

1. Log in to the game and then and add/request 300 friends to friend you in Car Town.

It’s just like you’d do in any FB Social Game.

Go here and put your FB URL in the Car Town Neighbor’s Listings:

2. The tutorial will introduce you to some basic concepts: shop work, customizing cars, and racing. Send gas as a gift to all your friends and ask them for gas as a gift.

3. Don’t use your coin on anything until you pay for the garage expansion at level four.

4. If you did spend your coin as I did (upgrading the performance of my mighty pinto), go to the Drive In and race to make coin.

5. Employ a friend and add a pole lift. If you expanded, employ two friends and add two pole lifts.

6. Try to do the missions represented as icons on the mid-upper left side of your screen.

7. Make coin, experience, and blue notes, yada yada…

Now you’re good to go.

Car Town Cheats

Everyone wants Car Town cheats. [sigh]

1. Join the best Car Town Facebook group and learn how to play the game from the best.


Note: When you make your request to join the group, tell them that Stan Faryna sent you.

2. Race friends that will foul for you (lose the race) so you can get coins and experience.

3. Add me as a friend, subscribe, AND like my Fan Page and I’ll share more cheats with you.

Car Town Links

1. Car Town Players From The Top 5%

Let me know via FB message if you think you deserve to be on the short list.

Sean Hawes (aka Mr. Car Town & founder of the SickINtentions FB group)

Anthony Ting

Denny Abrams

Nickole Maree Van Meesen

2. Car Town Guides

Let me know via FB message if you know of better guides.

Gamezebo’s Car Town Walkthrough

Car Town Guide: How to Build the Ultimate Facebook Garage

Car Town How To: Tips and Tricks 

3. Miscellaneous

Car Town Fan Page

Car Town Forums (unofficial)

The Official Car Town Website (Cie Games, Inc.)

The Official Car Town Forum

Good Driving Songs

1. Blue Oyster Cult, Don’t Fear the Reaper

2. ZZ Top, Gimme All Your Lovin’

3. Boston, More Than A Feeling

Stan Faryna
07 May 2012
Bucharest, Romania


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