Backyard Monsters: Cheats 1.1

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Backyard Monsters: Cheats 1.1

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna plays Castleville

Below, what an attack looked like in Backyard Monsters:



All your base are belong to us.

Backyard Monsters

Backyard Monsters is almost ok as an extended tower defense game. Check out the Youtube video (above) to get a glimpse of the action. Build your base. Harass other bases. Isn’t that what base games are about?!

But what makes a great base game?

What makes a great game and why should you care?

If you are a gamer and you dream of making games, you should check out Backyard Monsters. Myself, I continue to wait for that day when I can realize my game vision. It’s going to happen. Someday.

Oh. There’s no cheats here.

Are you really looking for cheats for Backyard Monsters? You don’t need them to rule your map in Backyard Monsters. If you do need cheats for Backyard Monsters, just take your meds and think about things that matter like love, life, and money.

The Casual Collective

Backyard Monsters is produced by The Casual Collective (CC for short). CC is a start up with a focus on developing Flash-based browser games. Two years ago, Paul and David got a million dollars in seed money from Lightspeed Venture Partners. Long before they got the seed money (2008), they’ve been tinkering around with flash games for 5+ years.

Paul and David who?

Founded by Paul Preece and David Scott, The Casual Collective is a great story about two ordinary guys that might make it. Jason Kincaid of Techcrunch writes a vignette/ode to Paul and Dave here. If they can get to a five million dollar round of investment, life should be good for Paul and Dave.

Facebook may (or may not) be their ticket. And since The Casual Collective is all about Flash-based games, there’s no iPhone glory waiting for Paul and Dave. At least, not in the foreseeable future.

Currently, The Casual Collective has two games on Facebook: Desktop Defender and Backyard Monsters.

Desktop Defender

While Desktop Defender is just another money-sucking version of their wildly popular 15 minute game, Desktop Tower Defense, Backyard Monsters is an extended tower defense game that takes about a month to play through. As a game that hopes to capture players who will pay for slight advantages, the success of Backyard Monsters will be driven by the length of time in which a player is engaged with the game. At least, this is the game theory developing from Travian’s many years of success.

In this regard, one month won’t do the trick. That’s why David Scott needs to further develop Backyard Monsters into the kind of game play that engages a gamer for six months or more.

This may be a challenge for The Casual Collective team.

Although the Casual Collective people have a dozen or so Flash-based games under belt, their games are quickies. Some call them Lattes – and you’ll know what that means if your a fan of Idiocracy.

Lightspeed Venture Partners

If David Scott can turn Backyard Monsters into a winner, he’s done something. Dave will be rich if he can do more of that. And not just Dave.

Lightspeed Venture Partners will also be more inclined to invest in game creators.

That’s the drama in the background. And it’s a drama that I hope plays out well for Paul and David. Because it will be another proof positive that sometimes, some people will succeed with much persistence, a few, strong insights and a big idea or two. And since I’d like to see Paul and Dave succeed, I have some suggestions for David Scott- suggestions that I hope can illuminate challenges that stand in the way of making Backyard Monsters as relevant as Desktop Tower Defense.

Check out Backyard Monsters here. Read my next blog post in my ongoing contemplation of Backyard Monsters: here.

Stan Faryna
July 8, 2010
Bucharest, Romania

If you’d like to connect with me, follow @Faryna and tweet me up on Twitter:

May 2011 Update

If you want to dominate your neighboring tribes, my new Backyard Monsters cheats are here.


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