Luxurious decorations for your castle or estate #free

Beautiful Things For The Asking

by Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna

I know that some of you have been waiting patiently to see if I would actually do it – give away awesome, beautiful, and wonderful things. I agree that I have delayed too long in executing this decision. I’ve been busy. But now that my 42nd birthday fast approaches, I strongly feel an urgency to set myself free of these attachments which do not truly contribute to my happiness. As I said in the podcast, I’m ready to love.

These things that I will give away may delight, heal, and/or tempt you.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m writing about here. You should listen to my podcast on the soundcloud player (below):

The rules of the give away are at the bottom of this blog post. Without further ado, let me show you some of the goodies that I’m giving away!

Beautiful Things

I’m listing 7 items now. If this goes well, peacefully, and gently, I’ll be listing more things.

1. The Way of the Cross


An oil painting of Christ carrying the cross that was dated by the restoring artist at 200+ years old. It was restored by the Romanian artist Gabriel Prundeanu, presented to the Romanian artist Tudor Lesanu as a gift, and presented to me by Tudor Lesanu as a gift.

Appraised Value in Bucharest:


2. Black Forest Wall Clock


A wonderful example of a Black Forest Clock with beautiful hand-carved details including a bird and a squirrel. Believed to be 220+ years old. It was operational as of two years ago until my clock repairman (RIP) was unable to ensure the care of my collection of clocks. At which time, I stopped all the clocks with very old mechanisms.

I received this clock as a Christmas present in 2003 from a generous Indian business man in appreciation for huge results obtained by my online strategies for his European clients.

Appraised value in Bucharest:


3. A Pair of Poltrona Frau Hydra Armchairs


Poltrona Frau is famous for it’s supple leather upholstery and color range. If you didn’t know, Poltrona Frau makes the leather upholstery for Ferraris. The Hydra armchair is designed by Luca Scaccheti.

Back in 2003, I bought three. Two for guests visiting my office. And one for home. Obviously, the ex-wife kept the one at home. Now you can make an unmistakable statement about your good taste – if you’re lucky.

Retail Price:

Each armchair retails for $5,000. A pair of armchairs is two armchairs.

Note: Mister Hachi (the white chow chow) is not included.

4. Romanian Folk Art (Ceramics)


These hand-made Romanian Folk Art Ceramic Platters were made by Florin Colibaba who has been recognized by the Smithsonian Institute of Folk Life and the Romanian government for the importance of his folk craft. Florin is a sixth generation potter. He also happens to be one of my friends.

The platters are decorated in the cootie style. Actually, I have no idea how cootie should be spelled. Cootie decorations often represent village life in a fanciful and naive style: marriage, celebration, dancing animals, etc.

Florin hasn’t made any platters like this for many years. So they would make an excellent addition to a folk art collection. I think that I bought all that he had back in 2004. He’s hasn’t made any new ones since. In all, I believe he made a few dozen. Over the years, I have given the platters away in Christmas baskets as corporate gifts.

Retail Price:

$1,200 in 2004

5. A Mirror For A Princess


A crystal mirror with a gilded and hand carved wooden frame. It is estimated to be 100+ years old. The frame is decorated with flowers and cherubim. This is the perfect bedroom mirror for a princess.

Crystal mirrors are far more splendid than glass mirrors. They reflect better. An easy test is to hold a lit lighter an inch or two from the mirror. If it is a high quality crystal mirror, you will see three reflections of the flame.

Appraised Value in Bucharest:


6. Japy Frères Mantel Clock


Japy Frères, a French clockmaker, made beautiful clocks in the seventeenth century. Tiffany and Co. used Freres to produce some of their signature clocks.

This mantel clock is the favorite of my four Frères clocks. It is in excellent working condition. It may even be haunted by a friendly ghost. It has been known to keep going long after it should have been rewound. It is 200+ years old.

Appraised Value in Bucharest:


7. A Parlor Set for a Princess


This parlor set includes four armchairs and one couch. The wood is hand carved. I had the fabric and cushion replaced by a master restorationist. The inside cushion was rotted horse hair and has been replaced with memory foam used in the finest mattresses. The fabric requires cleaning.

When I look at this set, I am reminded of Marcel Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past. I imagine the young Marcel sitting on a chair such as this in an aristocrat’s parlor, taking tea, his heart racing, pounding with affections.

The hands of the arms… end in carved heads of dragons or lions. The headrests are decorated with carved lions and shields. The wood is probably oak, but I am unsure about this detail.

Unfortunately, I only found this photograph of one of the arm chairs.

Appraised Value in Bucharest:



I welcome sponsors wishing to join me in doing good. There are two ways you can sponsor this giveaway:

1. As a fan

2. As an organization


Fans can share the link to this blog post with their friends, fans, and followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

In Twitter, your link should include my twitter handle @Faryna so that I can see it. In Facebook, you can use the name link, Stan Faryna. If you share a link to this blog post three or more times, I will add your name and link to this blog post under the heading of Fans. Just be sure to email me your full name and link as you would want it to appear: stan(dot)faryna(at)gmail(dot)com.


An organization can sponsor this endeavor one or both of two ways:

1. Donate a minimum of $500 to Nisha’s water project.*

2. Donate one or more items valued over $1,000 to be given away.*

In appreciation for your contribution, I will place a banner ad (jpeg or gif) in this blog post (or subsequent blog posts) between the items to be given away. The size of the banner ad image will be 400×200.

Note: I am not a non-profit organization, however, I believe that are non-profit organizations that may be willing to assist in getting you a tax deductible situation should you choose to sponsor this effort.

*Please contact me for more information about these sponsorship opportunities at stan(d0t)faryna(at)gmail(dot)com.


There are three basic rules to this give away.

1. You must make a separate donation to Nisha Varghese’s water project in the minimum amount of $100 per item that you desire.

You must make the minimum donation by November 22nd 2011.

You can make your donation here:

a. Send me an email at stan(dot)faryna(at)gmail(dot)com noting that the donation(s) has been made, the item you desire, and any other contact information that will expedite this most unusual transaction.

Note: I will verify all donations.

b. You must get three of your friends to comment here recommending you for your goodness, kindness, and giving spirit. The recommendations should be a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 300 words in length. Examples of your goodness, kindness, and giving spirit are highly recommended.

Note: I will verify IP addresses.

c. If an item is desired by you and no others want it within five (5) days of you meeting the first two requirements AND you have been notified, you must make all necessary arrangements for packing, shipping, and any applicable taxes within 15 days of being notified that you can claim the item that you desire.

Additional considerations:

d. If the item is desired by others and they have met the two requirements within the stated period, the winner of the contest (for a item) will be the person with the most recommendations in the comments of this blog post over a five day period. I will announce when that five day period begins via Twitter. Follow me on Twitter.

e. If you have claimed an item but have not completed all arrangements for the packing, shipping, and taxes of an item within 15 days of notification, I will dispose of the item as I see fit.

f. If anything is unclear about this giveaway or if anything seems unfair, let’s discuss it via email: stan(dot)faryna(at)gmail(dot)com.

g. Spamming me in email, on Twitter, or in the comments of this blog post is immediate grounds for disqualification.

h. No bribes will be accepted. Period. If you attempt to bribe me to give you an item without due process of the rules herein, I will disclose your identity and your endeavor publicly.

Just don’t do it.


Who is Nisha Varghese?

Nisha is a twenty year old South African woman. She was born with cerebral palsy. She cannot walk and she has limited use of one arm. As a person, Nisha is bigger than her physical challenges. She makes sandwiches for the poor, she blogs, and she is trying to raise money for a well to be placed in an impoverished community that lacks clean water.

Nisha’s blog is here:

Nisha lives with her parents, brother, and sister. Her relationship with her parents is not ideal. As she describes herself, her father, a teacher and a businessman, is ashamed and embarrassed by her disability. Her mother is overwhelmed by the burden of Nisha’s care and her other duties. They consider her personal struggle to make a difference in this world to be foolish and naive. They often deride and mock her efforts.

Nisha’s story breaks my heart. At the same time, Nisha is a great inspiration to me. And, those of you who know me, know that I have tried to get the word out about Nisha’s water project for about a year now. As important as clean water is to human life, I also feel strongly that we, humanity, must help Nisha do amazing things and make her life meaningful to her – just as we all yearn to have meaningful lives.


Because we need living, breathing examples. We need examples of people who demonstrate that small can be beautiful. We need examples who show us that there are more important things than things. That we do not live by bread alone – just as Christ replied to the devil. And that, of all things, love is the greatest of these.

Stan Faryna
18 October 2011
Bucharest, Romania

P.S. Even if you want for nothing, your $5 can make a difference. If you can get 10 of your friends to give $5 too, you will make an even bigger difference. Please help Nisha to help others. Today!

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41 Responses to Luxurious decorations for your castle or estate #free

  1. Betsy Cross says:

    Good job and good luck, for you and for Nisha!

  2. Everything is lovely, but those clocks are incredible. Someone will be fortunate to win anything on the list. Good luck with the campaign to raise funds!

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Thanks Amberr!

      I love clocks. There’s something inexplicably transcendent, serene, and eternal when 12 or more clocks are ticking away in the same room. Of course, it would be too much to have that going on in every room – especially a bedroom. [grin]

  3. Good luck with your campaign and I love Hachi!

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Thank you Sandra. I hope you will consider fanning this post – sharing the link with your friends, followers, and fans.

      Mr. Hachi loves you too.

      Mr. Hachi has a lot of fans and I get jealous sometimes. Almost everyday, people want pictures taken with him in Cismigiu Park. It happened more than once that I had to stand around for an hour while a bus load of Japanese tourists all had their pictures taken with him.

  4. nisha360 says:

    Thanks Stan how kind of you to help me out in this way I REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate it 🙂

    Yours truly,

  5. bonnie67 says:

    Hi Stan

    I’ve all ways seen you give from the heart.
    I wish you the best of luck in your give away.

    I’ll help out by tweeting this but I’m not looking
    to get any thing you have done to much for me
    all ready 🙂

    have a great day

  6. Beautiful stuff, and that is one nice looking Chow Chow 🙂

    You had to bring me over to your blog, and now I’m a bit overwhelmed. Too much to choose from at first glance.

    By the way, I have not forgotten about the Ciolan cu fasole 🙂 Thanks for the tip, and your comments of course. Now if we can just get Mr. Bourdain back to Romania.

  7. alaskachick says:


    I will spread the word, loud and from my heart. I wish I could do more. Nisha is such a blessed young woman, such a bright light. I will help all I can. I wish I had something as beautiful to offer to the donations. Know I think this is a beautiful thing. I know your heart is.

    “Because we need living, breathing examples. We need examples of people who demonstrate that small can be beautiful. We need examples of there are more important things than things. That we do not live by bread alone – just as Christ replied to the devil. And that, of all things, love is the greatest of these.”

    ~I am so proud to know you, to have heard your voice and read your words. I wish you both the best of blessings for this very loving project.


  8. Its great to see you supporting Nisha’s campaign like this. Much respect. As for me, I don’t want your possessions; I get plenty just from talking with you now and then, Stan.

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Thank you, Saul. Please consider writing a short blog post about this effort. If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to respond to them quickly.

  9. You are a good man Stan.

  10. Stan, Native American leaders are often seen as teachers. What I have learned from them is this: it’s not what they say or write that makes them a good teacher; instead, it’s what they do that matters. I am able to learn simply by observing them. Thank you for teaching me so very much beautiful friend. Hugs!

    • Stan Faryna says:

      Thank you, my friend, for serving as my teacher. I am ever turning to your words about a world of we, service, and love.

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  24. What an important cause! Stan, thank you so much for bringing this to light. Both you and Nisha thoroughly inspire me to love! =)

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