How to crush the Marvel Avengers Alliance Facebook Game: Levels 31 to 40

Crush Levels 31 to 40 of the Marvel Avengers Alliance Facebook Game!

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by Stan Faryna

How to Crush Levels 31 to 40

When I’m thinking about what needs to be written about various levels, I have to consider what a player has done in previous levels and where they need to get in order to thrive and have fun with this game in the next levels. I may get the facts wrong in a particular case but it seems that from the various comments I get (mostly private), that my overall approach is helpful and useful. Phew!

Modest Mouse, Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset

I’d like to make it clear that I’m not the best player in the Marvel Avengers Alliance Facebook Game. My game is somewhere between great and amazing – not perfect. [grin] I don’t use scripts or hacks because I need to write and think about the game in terms of how most people play and enjoy it. That said, I have nothing against scripts, hacks or cheats. If you have a PVP bonuses of 10,000 not appropriate to your level, I’m not going to report you. [laughing]

I may report you if you have inappropriate bonuses 15,000 above what you should have for your level – especially if you defeat me. Duh!

Some say the game doesn’t start until Agent level 65. That you don’t have a lot of fun until then. I suggest that the game can get really good at level 50 – if and only if you play Agent level 31 to 40 well.

What about Agent levels 31-40? This is a crucial stage in the game. If you get it right, you should be solid in sucking all the entertainment that can be sucked in this game from here on out. If you get it wrong, you’ll struggle for another 25 to 30 Agent levels.

The three most important things in Agent level 31 to 40 are as follows:

  1. Leveling Heroes
  2. Recruiting Heroes
  3. Fight Fearsomely 

Level Up Your Super Heroes

If you have Iron Man at Level 10, Black Widow and Hawkeye at Level 9 AND, for example, a Ms. Marvel at 9 by Agent Level 40, you’ll be glad you did. Even if you can spend gold on the cool gear, the cool gear and hero powers all perform better at Level 9 and above. This is true for PVP as much as it is true for Missions. The game dynamics of PVP and Missions are based partly on your Agent Level.

That said, I can mention that Agent Erwin Reyes, a Level 31 player, is Number 1 among ALL AGENTS (See the Ladders in the PVP section of your game browser). Erwin has a PVP Rating of 1910 the last time that I checked. If you could have three Level 10, well chosen heroes at 40, you could rule most of the Missions and the PVP like Erwin.

You can level your heroes while minimizing agent level by replaying the same missions and going for the 5 Star completions of all the missions in Chapters 1, 2 and 3. Sending your agents on Remote Ops, as I mentioned before, is also a good way to level up heroes without leveling up your agent.

What about your other heroes? Your first three heroes may not be epic heroes (Captain America, Thor or Hulk and Spiderman). That will be your second priority. If you can get 3 epic heroes to Level 10 each by Agent Level 45, you’ll be a happy camper.

As for all your minor heroes, get them to Level 6 by Agent Level 40.

Who should you recruit first?

By level 40, it’s best if you have a Captain America and Thor team (or a Captain America and Hulk team). I know this will upset some people because it means you have to buy a little gold OR you’ll spend 9 playing days farming Command Points. Without the Avengers’ uniforms, these two won’t blow your mind, but they will serve you well. To farm Command Points off of Elektra, you need to recruit Black Cat for 15 Command Points. Or you can farm M.O.D.O.K. (Chapter 1.4).

Captain America is awesome because he always gets the first turn in a fight. And at level 9, his Shield Guard is a beast (even after the nerf) as you’ll read below (See Tricks of the Fighting Trade). Captain America is also essential to winning most of the more reasonable of PVP fights.

Hulk or Thor are important for the early on big damage. They get you the epic overkills. In PVP, it helps you kill faster – even with a two or three round build-up to the kill shot. In missions, epic overkills contribute to your fight score as a multiplier. The score – if you didn’t know- contributes to your completion progress of the 5 Star mission.

So who would be my first five hero acquisitions if I wasn’t buying gold? Blackcat, Captain America, Thor, War Machine, and Spiderman.

And if I was spending gold like there was no tomorrow? Captain America, Thor, War Machine, Spiderman, and Wolverine. I have to say Wolverine is needed for the Sabertooth Mission – otherwise he doesn’t seem worthwhile even at Level 6.

Or do it however you like. This is play time and, yeah, you should do what brings you the most enjoyment.

Tricks of the Fighting Trade

Shield Guard, Blaster Vulnerability, Etcetera

In Mission One of the three Mission of the Mocking Bird Special Ops, Captain America faces off with the Maggia Captain and two Firefighters. This is just one of the several difficult fights you have to get through.

Captain America always has the first move, but since the Firefighters (being blasters) are vulnerable to him, that means he gets two turns if he attacks a firefighter. In this situation, Captain American gives a dizzying Shield bash to one of the Firefighters (Dizzy reduces the enemy’s accuracy by 25% for 4 turns). Then, Captain America does a Shield Guard (Level 9 power) thereby blocking or absorbing all the attacks for the first round and Shield BASHING all attackers for each attack that they attempt during the round he is on shield guard duty. The health drops nicely with those free shield bashes. [grin]

Rinse and Repeat for round two. Next Wave and everyone has full health. Schweeet!

In the next wave, two Maggia Duelists are up and they do some fast knife work. Both bleed and Chill Captain America. Don’t use Cap’s turn to apply the Panacea Injection (supplies). Wait until it’s your agent’s turn. Because Cap’s turns should be used to do damage and shield guard. Generally speaking, your heroes should be doing the heavy lifting in the fights – not the agent.

Why waste a Panacea Injection when there’s no more waves coming?

If you can cure Cap and then heal him, you have a shot at that perfect 500 point health factor will be factored into your fight score. Again, the score contributes to your completion progress of the 5 Star mission.

One Shot Epic OverKills

The subtitle explains it all. Hulk and Thor are classic for the one shot epic overkills. Do it on a boss/mini-boss combo and you could see a fight score over 100,000.

Weapons and Gear

Super Blade Punch is the envy of the crowd – but it’s not likely you’ll get it until your Agent level is in the 40s or 50s. Some in the 80s don’t have it.

There’s other things too that the Level 80 and up Agents brag about: The Power of Four, Quantum Jumper, etcetera. You don’t need any of that high-envy gear to enjoy your game in the 30s and 40s.

Here’s my list of my favorite gear for the 30s:

Curative Reach

Heals the whole team. You’ll still need Restoration kits- but not so many. I have two for the hard fights.

Batstone 2.357 Minigun

Essential for prompting a supplies drop like Restoration kits, etc. Multiple crits prompt drops. It also hits all targets with Exposure. In other words, you’ve set them up to be hit harder by your blaster, etc.

EMP Blaster

Big damage against anything. Don’t let the description fool you. It’s not just for killing robots and powered suits.

X-Play X-Ploiter

Light debuff of all your enemies and gives you a second attack of your choice (think EMP Blaster, Minigun, Stunners, Cures, etc.) in the same turn.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean that an Iso-8 plug-in is permanent?

This does not mean that a particular Iso-8 plug-in (crystal) is the only plug-in that will ever fill a suit or hero slot. It only means that you will be unable to repurpose that particular Iso-8 plug-in for another slot. When you plug-in a new (theoretically better) Iso plug-in to a filled slot, the previous Iso-8 plug-in is trashed in a manner of speaking.

What is the best fighting team?

Captain America and Thor are the best fighting team for PVP and Missions at this moment. The game developers could change things up, but that’s how it is now. That said, this teams begins to rock when they are both Level 9.

However, level, Iso-8s, and gear do weigh in and this team could be defeated by superior forces. For example, Level 12 Hulk and Wolverine fitted with Chaotic Iso-8 Type III plugins with an Agent fitted with the same Iso-8 plug-ins and gear such as Quantum Jumper, Power of Four, Super Blade Punch and Curative Reach will dominate a Level 9 Cap and Hulk team. Obviously.

Is Wolverine an epic hero?

The Wolverine story is a favorite of mine and it’s a shame the game developers were unable to realize Wolverine’s potential in this game. His story is as epic as Thor or Spiderman. As it is, Wolverine is only useful in unlocking a premium mission. But I have hope that the game designers will fix this failure someday. There is hope because recently Spiderman was fixed and made to be truly epic.

Where can I get free silver and gold?

If you didn’t already collect the Marvel and Playdom promotional silver and gold from the links I posted in my starters’ guide, go here:

Free Silver and Gold

Why should I play PVP?

The PVP side of the game is the best way to get to know your heroes’ strengths and weaknesses for PVP and Missions. Don’t think of it as traditional PVP (Player vs. Player), think of it as the Danger Room in the X-Mansion – the place where the X-Men trained. Though you may face a player’s heroes, you are not fighting a player and the outcome of the fight (win or lose) has no bearing on your or their Mission-related activities.

PVP is also a good place to pick up needed supplies for Missions and unstable ISOs for special op Missions.

How do I increase my PVP bonus (ATK/DEF)?

Click the PVP Bonus button in the Player vs Player Window. Fill the slots.

Initially, I filled all the slot with the free Health Iso-8s that were gifted to me by allies. Slowly, I replaced them with items that had higher bonus values. Currently, many of my bonus slots are filled with item drops that I don’t use such as my 3 boss rewards of Snikt (+481 ATK/+241 DEF), Flash-Bang Grenades (+86 ATK/+75 DEF), etc.

Where do I find people to add as allies?

Marvel Universe Gazette

Or you can just Like and ADD me:

Stan Faryna

Stan Faryna
29 May 2012
Bucharest, Romania


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