Just another Marvel Avengers blog post for the next 100,000+ views

Just another blog post for that next 100,000+ views and link to the Marvel Avengers cheat-trick-hack that destroyed the game for everyone

You is here: A Marvel Avengers Guide for Levels 54-65
For Levels 41-53, getting that job done
For Levels 31-40, gird thee up thy loins
For Levels 11-30, smite thine enemies
For Levels 0-10, ride thunder express

by Stan Faryna

Get the Balance Right

Any Facebook game that is worth playing is more than mouse clicks. It has to be about solving problems. It has to be about doing good, helping others, and, of course, saving the world. Right?

The story line of the Marvel Avengers Alliance Facebook Game has all this good stuff.


A good game is also a game that gets the balance right. Just as a good player gets the balance right. Agent levels 54 to 65 is all about getting the balance right. It’s when you need to forget about the Marvel Avengers cheats, buying your way through the game with gold, or gaming the game platform with leethax. If you don’t put this behind you at this point, the game will be as empty as your heart and soul may be.

And that would be a pity.

Depeche Mode, Get the Balance Right

Level 65 and Beyond

Whether you want to think about the current end game from a PVP, PVE or PVP and PVE standpoint, the glory is not there. Perhaps, someday. By 70, good players will be similarly equipped in heroes, hero level (12), and bad-assery (gear). For most, Chapter 7 (where the story currently ends) will not force your agent and heroes to their knees and turn you back to farm better gear and things that can increase the powers of your heroes or improve upon your status as a player within the Marvel Universe communities.

You will encounter cheaters that make all your endeavors seem in vain. At least, until they clean out the cheaters. The leethax cheaters, themselves, will moan and groan that the game is boring and sucks because they eliminated all challenge, entertainment and value by hacking the game and making it a kindergarden sport. Most of you will carry on in your discontent to Agent Level 100 and then look for another game – if Playdom doesn’t do several things in the next 30 days of your reading this essay.

Below is the actual link to the website where you can download the known leethax cheat, trick or hack for the Marvel Avengers Alliance Facebook Game by Playdom-Disney. I suspect it is also malware.


Of course, Playdom-Disney knows about leethax and they had several weeks to prevent it. But they have not.

What Playdom needs to do to give this game another six months in terms of cheats, game play and content, however, is a topic for another blog post. Meanwhile, I look forward to the upcoming release of Outernauts.

My point in mentioning Agent level 65 and beyond is to encourage you to suck the marrow out of Agent levels 54 to 65. Bug exploits, hacks or gold – they will belittle your accomplishments and satisfaction.


Any of the superheroes can be made to play a good game. Some heroes will make the game more or less challenging because they play out differently. Most of you know by now that the easiest play is the Captain America and Thor team. But just because it is the easiest play, that doesn’t mean you have to play your game that way. Discover an effective team by your own trial and fail – this is a true accomplishment.

Get your favorite heroes to Level 12 and outfit them with the best Iso-8s you have available by research. Consider their strengths and weaknesses and use the Iso-8s that you think will make those heroes rock.

I have read several opinions about Iso-8s for different heroes and I am not so sure the stickied forum tutorials are the best thinking on the matter. Find out for yourself. Experiment. Think a little. There is much to be said of a game that encourages and exercises independent thought an judgment.

Here’s a few things that I have learned about my heroes:

Mockingbird rocks! She does epic overkills with her Mocking Blow (level 9 skill). I’ve had her crit for 2k or more. Use the enchanted crowbar (if you have it) when you have her in the fight.

Colossus and his modern uniform with pre-activating Steel Fortress is not an awesome substitute for Captain America. If his uniforma had Avengers Assemble too – now that would be something.

At hero level 6, Iron Fist is surprisingly interesting. Throw a Tactical Strike or Double Strike on Iron Fist and he rocks.

Hawkeye loves the deck of the Helicarrier and he does a fantastic job managing the remote ops. [grin]

Gear and Uniform

At this stage of the game, you should begin transitioning your agent from water boy to hero. Obviously, Coulson’s Revenge is the killer-most gear in the game. Nothing compares to it. The next best thing to having that rifle is having an ally that carries one or more of those rifles. When they answer a distress call, they’ll be bringing Coulson’s Revenge.

As I mentioned in my previous guide, you want one or more weapons that has a high chance to hit and crit. Better still, if it has multiple hits per turn and it ignores defense. The Super Blade Punch is good but it only hits once per turn. If you have to spend gold, buy and equip two Chrono Overdrives. That’s a fearsome poetry.

A shield and/or healing gear will still be necessary as far as I can see – unless you like spending 10s of thousands of silver on Team Restore, every day.

Here’s a few more things that I have learned about my gear:

Super Blade Punch rocks but it is dodged a little too often in PVP. Especially when Captain America is doing Shield Guard duty.

My agent stopped equipping the X-Play X-Ploiter at 65, but if I had five gear boxes to utilize, it would still be there.

Construct Matrix was a waste of gold. I just don’t know when it is healing and when it don’t.

You need gold for the Generalist Commanders Trench uniform at 65. You also need gold for the Refined Chaotic Iso-8 Type III shards that you will put into your agent and Captain America. Don’t buy another suit along the way. That’s just a waste of silver or gold.

Research and Supplies

Don’t count on the drops to give you supplies. As I write this today, there have been no drops in PVP since the PVP redesign. Research and buy the researched supplied in the store. Yes, it costs silver.

A little known trick is to use the Norton Shield when you don’t have a fix for a debuff (burning, poison, radiation, etc.). It won’t cure you but the debuff(s) won’t effect the character while the shield is up.

Here’s a list of my favorite researched supplies:

Team First Aid Pack II

Team Restore II

Team Stamina Boost Pack II


Flame Suppressant

Double Strike

Panacea Injection

Results will vary

If you followed my advice through the levels, you prolly got better and faster results than I got in my own game play. I had to test things out and verify them before I could write them. And before the testing, I did quite a bit of reading, playing, learning, and talking to other players about the game. Hopefully, these guides have helped you to play better and have more fun.

Results will vary with luck, bugs (favorable and unfavorable) and, perhaps, karma. [grin] 

Below is what I accomplished in 30 days with 240 gold and, generally speaking, four to eight 20 minute sessions per day. I also have to say that in addition to a few weekends of Command Point farming, I’ve been lucky with the boss roulettes in terms of CPs. Just in boss reward roulettes, I’ve taken 300+ CPs.

Agent Level: 75

Heroes: 16

Captain America, Thor and their Avenger uniforms paid with gold

Level 12: Captain America, Thor and Mockingbird

Level 11: Iron Man and Hulk

Level 10: Invisible Woman and Spiderman

Level 9: Ms. Marvel, Wolverine, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Dr. Strange


Remote Ops

Level 5 Ships and way too many missions than I want to think about

Special Ops

Completed to 4 Stars in each of the 3 Missions (before nerf)

Ordinary Awarded Gear

Super Blade Punch, Power of Four, Enchanted Crowbar, Taste of Thunder, Cosmic Ray, Sgt’s Fury, Phosophorus Pang, Quickload T’cha, Pew Zealous, Foley’s

Heart Tickler, Snikt (3), Thursday Night Special (2) and EMP Blaster


There were a few unintended bug effects that helped me along the way. [grin]

Keep up with my adventures in life, the universe and Facebook games, by visiting my fan page:


Free Stuff Links

Official Playdom promotional links given out as a thank you for our patience during the recent maintenance. If you have already collected the items in this promo, you’re not going to get more.

Large Energy Pack (25 Energy Units)

25 Unstable Iso-8 (used n special ops)

Known and Frequently Occurring Bugs

1. Energy, Command Points, S.H.I.E.L.D Points, Silver, Gold, Gear and Supplies will be lost.

File a Playdom support request if this happens to you, but there has been delayed (up to 10 working days) and mixed response to player requests for any kind of compensation fo such losses.

Such losses may occur for no reason but often occur do to unexplained or maintenance resets.

If you have received an unsatisfactory response to your player request, please send my a copy of your request, the response, and the name/identifier of the person answering your request. Several players and myself are making a file of the bad apples at Disney’s customer support department.

2. The PVP and PVE may not apply the established game- and fight- rules to factoring a fight including:

a. Class-changing uniforms may not be truly recognized. For example, Thor in a Bruiser uniform is often treated as a Blaster by the PVP AI operated opponent

b. Turns may be lost for no apparent reason

c. Epic and Massive Overkills may not be recognized

d. Unequipped gear of a PVP opponent may be used against your team.

e. Iso-8s advantages may be ignored in the factoring the outcome of an attack.

3. Gift error

a. Accepted gifts may not be registered and added to your account inventory including energy, S.H.I.E.L.D. Points and unstable Iso-8s.

b. Accepted requests for flight crew requests may not be received by your allies. Some allies will remove you as an ally as a result of your apparent lack of attention to their requests.

c. Accepted requests for energy, unstable Iso-8s, etc. may not be received by your allies. Some allies will remove you as an ally as a result of your apparent lack of attention to their requests.

Feel free to link to this blog post in your requests as evidence of bugs known to the player community when submitting your request. Disney-Playdom often does not officially recognize bugs and a customer support agent may want to pretend they have no idea what you are talking about. In fact, Disney-Playdom has removed the section from their forum where players can share their bug reports with other players.

Stan Faryna
15 June 2012
Bucharest, Romania


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11 Responses to Just another Marvel Avengers blog post for the next 100,000+ views

  1. Thanks Stan – sensational work (as usual)!

  2. i am only 35 lvl but i love mockingbird too=) Using her with gamma boster right now in pair with iron fist for heal=)

    • Stan Faryna says:

      You’ll love mockingbird when you get her to level 9. She doesn’t need to be oppositely class-matched to do wonderful things to the enemy. With just two or three debuffs on her victim, her mocking blow sings with epic overkills. Now that’s a superhero!

  3. Imho, you’ve maligned Hawkeye by consigning him to the Flight Deck; I use Hawkeye with Cap as my PVP team, and he is the lynchpin of almost every fight! Between his Pinpoint Target ensuring that every attack hits its intended target (Shield Guard, Mirror Image, and other Shroud-type effects notwithstanding), PLUS the Pinpoint Target acts as a “free” attack, insofar that it can activate Coordinated Attack, AND his Trick Shot stunning attack, I take down the Cap/Thor combo easily. Buy the right Iso shards for him to amp his Attack (and make sure not to waste any points in boosting Accuracy, because of his Master Marksman skill), and watch him go! As “Agent Lycurgus” (the semi-mythical Lawgiver of Spartan history), I consider our unit “the Spartans”, and we do very well (rating 1400+ with only having spent $20 on the game to buy enough gold to get Coulson’s Revenge). Hawkeye is awesome!

  4. hey Stan, thanks for your advices, ….. so useful. Just one thing, maybe a lot of players want some advices (including me) regarding hero combination in PvP. Wich combos could be great to form? now that we have new heros, gambit, rogue, emma frost. ….. That could be really helpful….. thanks Stan!

  5. Hashy Jahbs says:

    Hey stan what Iso8’s would you recommend for specific heroes?

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